The Pro-Muslim Propaganda

Why is Jew-owned (CBS owned by Redstone) pushing fake articles that the Statue of Liberty is modeled on a Muslim woman ?


Clearly they are engaging in emotional brainwashing hoping to take a powerful emotionally positively embraced image and attach that to Muslims. The reality of Muslim is Saudi Arabia, but of course they will show that.

Everyone knows the Statue is Masonic symbol placed on an  11-pointed start by the Masonic lodges of the time. She represents various goddess from Juno to ISIS to back to Babylonian time and ultimately to the vedic goddess Saraswati — The goddess of Enlightment which is the true freedom. Yes, originally supposed to be place at the Suez canal — but again representing the Masonic view of these ancient goddess — thousands of years before that goat-fucker(may be rot in hell)  created his religion of goat-fucking muslims.


We are subject to this endless propaganda by the jewish oligarchy. It is a blatant lie, but they know no one thinks about it and subconsciously little messages and images implant the view they want you take. Then, you will enthusiastically strive for the goal they want — like unfettered Muslim immigration. Just look at the Women’s march co-sponered by the Muslim Brootherhood, and the  stupid bitches screamin for muslims. Yes, it does work. Almost all the people I talk to fall for it – smart, educated people — just mindless automatons.

I give this example — it is just a small one — once your mind is open you will see endless such manipulations in the daily mainstream. We truly live in 1984(and really probably since 1964) — Truth is fiction and fiction is truth.

Curse them all

Wake up, motherfuckers. The wheel of karma is about to crush the West. You should curse all these assholes instead of being polite and falling for the propaganda. You should want the blood of these people who want to take your blood and money. Can you say

subhuman degenerate jew ? (the whole genocidal manipulative wealthy jewish oligarchy)

white house nigger ? (Obama – who invaded more countries than any other president and should be war criminal and hanged like Saddam).

The chimp (Bush like Obama)

Image result for george bush chimp

Until people start cursing these monsters who commit genocide, take everyones money through taxes, enrich themselves and their friends, nothing will change.

We should all discriminate and discriminate fiercely about what is good for us and what is not. If you cannot curse these people openly, you are brainwashed. Your politeness will lead to the destruction of society and you will be to blame for leaving your kids a shattered country.



Color revolution in full force

In DC during the inauguration:

Image result for black clad protesters in washington dc trump violent

In Berkeley during a Milo speech:


Why are demonstrators who want “peace”, progressive values, inclusion, etc wearing black, back masks and instigating violence ?

This is the color revolution playbook. They get the useful idiots to protest and then they send the thugs to hijack the movement subverting the energy to another outcome. The violence always leads to a centralized government that either gains control if the object is to seize power or to maintain control. Which is it ?

Who are they ?

Haven seen this play a hundred times, I would say it was run by some deep state operatives who get the idiots to conduct the violence. My guess is at least 2-3 in the crowd are intelligence(though probably through a private company) operatives.

Don’t believe it ? Do you really think everyone decided to wear black and wear masks or did someone organize it ? Do you think they all showed up for this spontaneously as an act of protest by students or do you think it was organized ?  It is clear some serious planning went into organizing the whole planned character of the attack. Make no doubt about it, it looks and feels like an organized gang — not a bunch of wimpy Berkeley students. The real protestors wore color and no masks.

Why is media keeping silent ?

The amount of violence was startling :

Most of the media has ignored the brutal violence — saying mostly the rioting was out of hand, and not mentioning the number and the severity of the beatings people took including someone knocked out in the street. Clearly, there is a cover up.

If this had been Trump supporters, the would have been called nazis , and non-stop press coverage would have tried to incite the masses against whites and Trump.

Why did the police stand down ?

Clearly, the police chiefs — both the campus and city(mayor claims he didn’t give any orders – it was the chief)  ordered the police to stand down even though massive violence was occurring right in front of them. Odd. They did not make a single arrest on the night of violence. Isn’t that strange ?

This is why I never go to a protest. All the major ones have agent provocateurs that will work to legitimize valid protests that seem to be gaining traction. In such cases, do you expect the police to protect you.

My view

I believe the oligarchy is attempting to get the right to react to the violence so that they can have the left/right violence to distract people from going after the real oligarchy. Citizens/Immigrants, black vs white, men vs. women, etc.  Identity politics is being used to divide and conquer so that the oligarchy can maintain control. I believe the real move by the Tea parties and Ron Paul as put in play a course of action to subvert the strong energy rising against the system including on the left which does not trust the oligarchy (and one of the main reasons Hillary lost).

Once violence starts, very few can keep cool and see through the manipulation. This is why it is so effective. The fear response is so strong that it overwhelms all rational thought. It is either fight(or get revenge) or flee. I predict this will escalate.

All the people protesting against Trump are useful idiots as are many of this supporters. It could lead to the worst type of violence such as in Ukraine, Georgia, Thailand, and dozens of such places where color revolutions wee instigated. The left will become further and further radicalized — the intolerance is already very novel and alarming. This level of intolerance and hate will result in a civil war and the break-up of the USA – something that I felt like would happen for the last  6 years when some of the trend indicators and forecasters started mentioning the fact.

This is how the cycle of violence starts. The left should really call off all their protests and work for unity. I hated all the laws and actions of the (white) house nigger for the jewish oligarch, Obama as did a huge portion of the country. The left should suck it up and vote in the next election and put their next commie in power. This path leads to epic amounts of suffering for everyone.








Women’s March Part II

I was actually amazed by the level of co-ordination of the Women’s march. Clearly, we see the oligarchy’s color revolution technology in full force, inflaming the unholy coalition on the left, for what looks like a war against the right…so that the power structure can maintain control.It struck me when I saw the same speeches given all over the world putting together groups who have no business being together that the oligarchy was feeding on the emotions of the campaign to generate the next steps in civil war in America.

Some quick points.

  • Massive funding and coordination create color revolutions. Some say over 50+ Soros funded NGO were involved in the Women’s march. It takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate the posters, the silly pink hats, the speakers, etc.  You need people with free time and a bit of money. It is surprising cheap when you get a lot of brainwashed social justice warriors willing to work for free.
  • It was a pure play on emotions. There are no rights women don’t have in the US. As is typical in all the color revolutions, the point is to inflame emotions by playing on some small injustices and blowing them out of proportion or playing the victim card against those groups at the top. There will always be winners and losers in life — however that does not mean oppression of one by the other, but it is easy to prey on human emotions to create conflict.
  • They banned women who were pro-life. Some say 50% of women in US oppose abortion. This was not a women’s march. It was a hodgepodge of leftist angry white feminists, white-hating Black Lives Matter negroes, gays who have no idea why they are protesting , Muslims who hate women, and hordes of brainwashed stupid bitches who can’t think for themselves.
  • These women don’t want hands in their jeans, but have no problem reaching into everyone else’s pockets. One of their platforms was to continue Federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Do these women have no shame ? They want full freedom, but want the state to coerce everyone who doesn’t believe in their philosophy, and what some would consider murder, to pay for it ?!!!  These women could have empowered themselves by doing a fund raising campaign  by social media and paid for PP themselves. Why are they giving up their power to the state ? They could have easily self-funded what they so strongly feel about. They spent so much time, money, and organization and rather than create a true self-empowered organization,  they instead give up their power to central control(that is the whole point after all , as is Global Warming) and want to ram their own views down everyone’s throats with their self-righteous anger. wow. 
  • A Co-chair of the march is a Muslim Brotherhood front-person, Linda Sasour. The Brotherhood has been a UK intelligence(which means jewish money) asset for a 100+ years, and is the same reason Huma Abedin is in Clinton’s inner circle.

Image result for women's march in hijab

  • Do these people not know that Islam and Sharia treat women as men’s slaves ? Do they not know that under Sharia, a man has a right to beat his wife if she is disobedient, that her testimony is worth only 1/2 a man’s in court ? , that you can be forced to marry the man that raped you, that non-islamic women have even fewer rights ?  Yet, all these women cheered as all the coordinated speeches pushed more muslim immigration. Do these women not know how the two countries that represent the 2 branches of Islam, Iran and Saudi Arabia, treat their women and have for 1400 years! ? Why are they not demanding sanctions against all muslim countries ? Are they not able to see who hijacked their desire for women’s rights and transformed it into a blinding, self-destructive anger that will destroy their own societies  ? 
  • Do not the gays know that they can be killed in many muslim countries ? Why are they even protesting as Trump has not even remotely suggested any anti-gay legislation ?
  • The march included a lot of very angry women. Do they know one of the speakers was guilty of kidnapping, and raping a man(as part of 3 men/3 women  gang) ? Can you imagine the rage if Trump had a rapist at one of his speeches ? Do these women not understand how they are being manipulated ?
  • BLM is a true hate group. Yes, there is excess policing, but a this is general problem post- 9/11. More on BLM in separate post, but it is pushing the same hatred as are the women leaders of the march.

You see, Black Lives Matter is proving itself to seek only one end – and that is discord, alienation among Americans, rise in hate, and destruction of community bonds. The relative increase in justice afforded black Americans is of little concern, save as a convenient veneer for their anti-democratic mission. (foxNews Sheriff Clake)

Revolution of the oligarchy

The oligarchy always uses the most angry and disfranchised to overthrow the power structure. The Red Cultural Revolution in all its forms. Useful idiots are brainwashed in the beginning with high and lofty slogans, and then the revolution turns violent, and in the end the oligarchy maintains or takes power. From the Bolshevik revolution(and really the French revolution) , to the Ukranian Maidan that unleashed the nazis, to the Arab Springs that lead to jihadists chaos, it is the same pattern. The oligarchy inflames the crazies/idiots to get angry , and we saw that on full display:

Brain Dead

Do these mostly liberal white women not understand what the country would be like if run by the Muslim Brotherhood or BLM ?  What do they think they have in common with true Muslims — just go visit some of the muslim neighborhoods in the UK or France, much less SA or Iran? When the violence is unleashed and BLM militants,  Raza cholos, and Islamic jihadists are unleashed, who is going to protect them ? Do they want to turn the USA into Mexico or Liberia  — where do they think these angry idiots marching with them would take them ? 

Why is it that “educated” liberal women are easy prey to the brainwashing ?

  1. If you are doing well, you attribute it to the current PC culture, rather than the society built by conservative white men in America. Wealth makes people soft and deluded about the how the wealth was earned. It is surprising how many wealthy kids are enchanted with communism. However, those that come from a Communist background have no such delusions. My slightly elderly housekeeper who is Polish and has seen totalitarianism in its full “glory” , says in the broken English,don’t these wealthy ladies (in a well-to-do town ) understand that when they bring in Muslims, they will bring in jihadis, and when they commit violence, the state will impose more police and more controls, and take all my money and freedom ?” ...Sad, but true — she understands because she wasn’t brainwashed in school and has no time to watch CNN to get brainwashed now. She is distraught at what is happening in American and can see the Red Terror…strange the most “intelligent” cannot.
  2. They read and watch the propaganda non-stop. The communist news network( CNN) to even Fox, all of them are owned by 6 jews as well as almost all the newspapers, including the Jew York Times. There is no alternative voice in mass media(but tons on the web — like this site). They don’t know and because they are doing well, they don’t really feel an urgency to know… plus when do you have the time between the kids’ soccer and planning the wine parties with the ladies?
  3. They have a spiritual desire that must be fulfilled, in spite of their secularism and atheism. Usually, the religious impulse runs stronger in women than men, which is one of the advantages they have, but with the death of religion and the propaganda against any organization that will organize or uplift (you must trust the centralized state above all!) , there is no spiritual outlet other than what the state allows. Equality is one of the main goals that is promoted — although it does not and cannot exist. It is the outlet for spiritual endeavor and as such as taken on a messianic purpose with these women.  The material world is driven by duality — it must have disparity to drive the dynamics. You cannot have electricity and magnetism without negative and positive.  In the material plane, true equality only comes with “heat death” — absolute zero where nothing moves. The communist/PC philosophy of equality is a death cult. It will destroy everything in its quest for equality which cannot exist. Because it is a religious quest with these women, they will ignore all evidence that their belief is not rational and will pursue their goal with a self-destructive zealotry.  It is a matter of faith. In order to prove they are spiritual and good, they must achieve the goal and they believe anyone who doesn’t believe or gets in their way must be bad and  devils.  Equality only exists in a tremendously deep spiritual state — pure Consciousness which when it excises Its pure will — manifests and creates this universe. There will always be rich and poor, loved and hated, included and excluded — and these “ladies” are engaging in the same; it is natural and the true order of the universe to be so.  All of western society is now collapsing due to this dogma and misunderstanding about equality.  There is a great and deep spiritual yearning for equality within all of us, but it for the merging of our deepest souls with the Universal; believing it to be a goal of the material world is delusion and maya which promotes violence and further delusion and keeping society from evolving. 


The two best videos I saw pointing out the above . One a true thinking woman:


One smart black man has more brains than 3 million “educated” white stupid bitches. Please, watch this video to the end…what is obvious to so many,  is hidden to the deluded :

Yes, the choas will soon be unleashed. The people have awoken to the oligarchy and fewer and fewer people believe in its lies. They yet have not found the levers of power to remove it so the oligarchy MUST create the conflict so that it can impose its own order again. It will find any and all differences to drive a divide and conquer strategy. The race war has been on the table since Tayvon Martin and I am sure it will erupt fully with the militant blacks — they hope to incite a violent reaction from the far right white so that they can impose the totalitarian state. The Women’s march was skillfully organized, not for the purpose of womens’ rights, but to stroke the flames of internal division to such a level that violence occurs. The left is already there — they do not and will not respect  others’ viewpoints. Some portion of the right is also ready to destroy the society. The oligarchy will never let really peaceful, independence minded people (such as the true tea party and liberal pacifists) reduce their power.

The Women’s March was a Hate March



Not My Stupid Bitch

The useless idiots organized a protest marches, which I assume was against Trump. Girly Men protesting the day of the inauguration, some of them acting like the fascists they claim to oppose. Today, it was the turn on Manly Girls.

Image result for women's march logo

One of the platform planks is “human rights are womens’ rights”. These stupid bitches are so brainwashed they have no clue what is human rights and how to achieve them. They all voted for Hillary who waged war all over the world including destroying Libya and Syria by supporting jihadist and ISIS–  the very groups that hate women the most. What a bunch of stupid, stupid, stupid bitches.

As mentioned before many times, the politics of identity is pure Frankfurt Marxist ideology whose aim is to destroy the power structure. In this, case the men who in fact are the natural protectors and champions of these women. In about 20 years, they will discover a fully imposed totalitarian state and will have destoyed the very society that nurtured them and gave them the freedom to protest.

As they are so fond of saying Not My President…. my counter protest:


Image result for women's march

Not My Stupid Bitch



Thoughts on the Trump Election

Note: I did not vote this year. I usual vote libertarian, but it was clear this year, that the party was completely compromised, and I really couldn’t find a good candidate for whom I could in good conscience vote.

What were they thinking ?

I still cannot understand anyone who claims to be ethical and still vote for the most corrupt US politician of all time , one who is as  war-mongering as any crazed military general. How is that possible ?

When I see these butt-hurt liberal women in this video, and even most of the men look like little p*****s, I wonder what were they thinking ?

Were they thinking:

  • Now I won’t be able to invade more countries and murder a million more people ?
  • I didn’t keep America great by being the greatest genocidal country in the world ?
  • I didn’t get to commit more war and mayhem ?
  • I wanted more political corruption and we might not get it ?
  • I’m ready to kill a billion more people as long as  a women is a president? .  That they would compromise all and any morality and ethics to vote in a women – and prove the patriarchy wrong?

Seriously, what kind of insanity are we watching ? Because of the utter lack of any ethics or contemplation of the full result of their actions ,I call these liberals “stupid bitches”. They are the completely brainwashed  useful idiot army of the oligarchy . My guess is the vast majority of them have read Animal Farm or 1984, yet they don’t realize it applies to them, succumbing to the same notions of equality and other simple propaganda devices as in the book! If you point it out, they will rage against you. Anything to keep the illusion and deluded self-image intact in spite of the obvious contradictions.

Are they Insane

Everywhere  at high school and college campuses, the brainwashed kids are severely upset (remember Bezmenov — now in the 3rd generation of educational brainwashing — we have complete non-thinking automatons)  . Here is a prime example at an elite university, no less :

After a historic Election Day, the University of Pennsylvania is reacting to the first election of one of its own alumni to the highest office of the United States.

Many professors canceled classes and examinations scheduled for Wednesday. A Wharton management professor claimed to “have heard from an unusual number of students this morning that they are unwell” and therefore offered a makeup date for the scheduled midterm.  Other professors decided to postpone tests entirely…

One of the dorms on campus even set up a “breathing space” the night after election day. Cats, a puppy, coloring pages, and snacks were offered to help students “decompress in a low-key and low-stress environment.”  The event certainly had a timid and fearful undertone, as students were hesitant to discuss what awaits the United States in January.

So adults are now petting puppies and coloring like kindergarten kids to cope with an election ?  At first, I thought these kids belong in an mental institution, but then I realized all these kids were actually already in an insane asylum — the university and culture that promotes this lunacy !

The Red Guards of the Color Revolution

The frustration of the brainwashed masses then get channeled into social action — usually called “social justice” or some other high-sounding but self-destructive action. As they have used Nazis, low class commies, Ukrainian Banderites, and ignorant jihadis, and countless other useful idiots, the oligarchy will use these frustrated and idealistic lunatics to destroy the remaining resistance to the global oligarchy.

The problem with the liberal mindset is that it is driven by a totalitarian , holier-than-thou attitude that always results in exterminations of the “politically incorrect” – a term straight out of the Bolshevik revolution. Cultural suppression through enforced revolution (note all the jew social media sites now becoming the Ministries of Truth – suppressing all alternative news in true Newspeak fashion) , re-education (take any corporate HR class !) , gulags, and death camps are the end result.

Rape his wife…. really ?

We can see the left is the side that is creating the violence, not the right, though the Newspeak narrative is the opposite. The manufactured discourse attempts to create a social “truth” where even when the left commits the violence, it is the right’s fault — the same pattern in all totalitarian systems. For example, Russian jew commies would commit the violence, but in their propaganda , it was clearly the fault of the bourgeois; isn’t it the same now ?

The rise of the color revolution in America was clear to me in the Tayvon Martin case, where the news outlets were pushing for a race war, and the tone and rhythm has been getting more extreme ever since.

I don’t have the time to post all the evidence, but it is book-worthy, to see the large funding going to violent prone militant groups from the large NGOs funded by governments and/or jewish-backed organization and into both leftist and republican candidates. Soros is just one of many. The divide-and-conquer (and dominate) strategy still works. Keep all the groups fighting each other rather than taking down the real problem. Thus, we have stupid bitches crying over the election loss of the stupid bitch that dominates them. Wow — real life is always so much more amazing than the movies.

The speed and intensity of the protest is the most shocking aspect. I had thought it would take some more time for the open civil war to break out, but the reaction to the election hints that we are rapidly approaching the breaking stage. The US as a body politic holding together is no longer possible. There should be no illusions that this outcome is due to a coordinated attack ,as discussed on this blog,  by the neo-marxist Frankfurt school which promoted feminism, minority rights, and immigration to  break apart American society. The final rise of the violent Red Guard now faces American society.

As in all color revolutions, any repression by the state will be spun as a suppression of rights. Just look at anything Trump suggests. If you want to deport violent, criminal illegal aliens — the story is spun, not just in the media but by the paid-off politicians.Not only do they refuse to go along with a rational policy, but paint Trump as against Mexicans or other minorities. They refuse to do anything that will ensure their survival because they have been brainwashed into a completely different value system. The left will resort to more violence and any legitimate police action in return will be interpreted as the illegal violence of the “deplorables”. This is how the color revolutions have been used everywhere and now it is in full manifestation in the USA.

Media as Propaganda

One great outcome of this election cycle is that the mainstream media as complete propaganda is self-evident. The reporting was so slanted, it cannot be denied. With only a handful of jewish run companies owning the main media companies, they now have a monopoly on the content and tone of the news.

This presidential election may have the most lopsided batch of newspaper endorsements the US has ever seen.While Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has garnered the support of a long list of editorial boards, her Republican rival Donald Trump hasn’t received any. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has six.A number of conservative-leaning papers have even cautioned voters against putting Trump in office, and said they too are “with her.” (GatrehouseMedia: See list)

Donald did a handful of support from some small independent papers, though no major ones as the above article states.

The Florida Times-Union and Bowling Green (Ky.) Daily News joined a coterie of Trump-backing papers that includes the Las Vegas Review-Journal, owned by GOP mega donor Sheldon Adelson, and small dailies such as the St. Joseph (Mo.) News-Press, Santa Barbara News-Press, Waxahachie (Tex.) Daily Light, Times-Gazette of Hillsboro, Ohio, and Antelope Valley Press of Palmdale, Calif. (ChicagoTribune)

Given the country was split 50-50, where is the representation of the other half in the media ? Clearly it does not exist, and it was even worse in the television media. As pointed out in the previous article, the oligarchy moved the money completely away from Trump , and it is clear they did so with the media also. So why would you believe anything in the media, they work for the oligarchy, not for you — even if this time they supported your candidate?

Deep Ties of The Media : Polling

The ties of the media go much deeper than just endorsement and tilted news stories. We know that they were feeding the debate questions to Clinton in advance.

One of the most used strategies to influence public opinion is polls. Humans want to be on the winning team. Polls can be used to convince the undecided to vote for the front-runner in the poll or to discourage the viewer from voting if the viewer thinks his candidate is losing badly.

As my friends know, I called out this strategy when they placed Ben Carson at the head of the polls. Out of dozens of people I spoke with, not one was for Dr. Carson — so how was it that the poll was showing the opposite ?

Ben Carson has surged into the lead of the Republican presidential race, getting support from 29 percent of GOP primary voters, according to a brand-new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

That’s the highest percentage any GOP candidate has obtained so far in the survey.

Carson’s 29 percent is followed by Donald Trump at 23 percent, Marco Rubio at 11 percent, Ted Cruz at 10 percent and Jeb Bush at 8 percent. These findings are similar to a New York Times/CBS poll released last week, which also showed Carson in first place in the national GOP contest. (NBCNews Nov4 2015)

He got less that 3% of all votes, and about 6% before he quit. How could the polls be that wrong  ? Because they were not real polls, they were propaganda pieces meant to influence under the guise of scientific polling!

Deceptive polling is tried and true strategy that I’ve seen running for 20 years. Here is one from the past – this time on the Democratic side, where they wanted to shoot down Howard Dean who was the favorite going into the races — they fabricated that Wesley Clark was the front-runner out of nowhere — and no one had even heard of who he was !!! From Gallup in 2003

September 24, 2003

Clark Bolts to Front of Democratic Field

by Jeffrey M. Jones

Democrats competitive with Bush in trial heats


PRINCETON, NJ — The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll shows Ret. Army Gen. Wesley Clark’s entry into the race for the Democratic nomination has for the moment greatly changed the campaign’s character. Just days after announcing, Clark has almost a 10-percentage-point lead over all other candidates for the nomination. Additionally, Clark tends to fare better among the leading Democratic candidates in hypothetical head-to-head matchups with President George W. Bush, although the data currently indicate the race would be close if the election were held today, regardless of which Democrat would oppose Bush.

He got 3% of the vote also ! Again, this was a fake poll — it was not in any way scientific and this was 12 years ago !

(Note that they got Dean eventually by attempting to show that he was crazy — as they did with Trump, but being an Alpha male he fought back twice as hard, whereas Dean knuckled under and the label of being crazy doomed him ! )

Please do not read anything in any of the mainstream papers as anything but pure Newspeak. I know it is hard to believe they lie to you, but they do. Orwell told you, but you prefer to live in a fantasy land. The manipulation works on both sides, making sure their preferred candidate(s) wins – it is not about Republican or Democrat. They prefer both sides be their man — as in most elections.   This manipulation has been going on for decades, but now everyone is becoming aware .

The Evidence

The deep evidence(though it has always been there if you looked)  comes from Wikileaks’ release of the Podesta emails, concerning the Democratic strategy.

Pied Piper Candidates
There are two ways to approach the strategies mentioned above. The first is to use the
field as a whole to inflict damage on itself similar to what happened to Mitt Romney in 2012. The variety of candidates is a positive here, and many of thelesser known can serve as a cudgel to move the more established candidates further to the right.
In this scenario, we don’t want to marginalize the more extreme candidates, but make them more “Pied Piper” candidates who actually represent the mainstream of the Republican Party. Pied Piper candidates include, but aren’t limited to:
•Ted Cruz
•Donald Trump
Ben Carson
We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously.
And as we saw the press complied fully and nearly 100% .  Note that Soros also funded Kaisch and most likely Bush also. Here are more articles on the wholesale collusion by the press prostitutes targeted to deceive the public   (here, here , and here) . All show a massive suppression of alternative voices and the promotion of the front-man witch of the oligarchy.
Yet, people will continue to spout what they see on TV news as some kind of truth or fair opinion and fill up all their idle conversation and cocktail gab with this bullshit. Are they not rightly called “stupid bitches” ?

But, He is a Crass Clown

A huge number of people could not vote for Trump because of his obvious flaws, the most odious to me being his authoritarian mindset. I will reveal the real Donald Trump soon, but as far as the election results, why didn’t people vote 3rd party ?   This was my decision decades ago..if they are both bad, why do 60% of the eligible( 40% don’t vote) population vote for the two worst people ?

Clearly, some deep human psychology is at work, keeping people from stepping outside the box. Why is it so hard to reject the two repulsive sides not representative of your values, and take any other option ?

A Winner , Any Winner

One clear reason is that people want to be on the side of the winner. You can clearly see this in sports — no one wants to be associated with the loser. This must have some ancient survival bias based on social dynamics — those that complained against the winner surely were repeatedly wiped out…better to swallow your ethics and live !  But, does that really hold true, today ? Certainly not in recent times in the US, but we are rapidly approaching the situation because of the totalitarian policies of both parties.

To keep with the winners, people ignore the outcomes. They complain about the corruption and the money wasted on war in their parties and on Facebook, but they keep voting for their masters who loot them. Very few people have the sense of self-worth and confidence to survive losing repeatedly in fighting for a better society.

Part of the Hive

Certainly, a lot of the above also relates to being part of the group. Most people want to fit in and not be considered odd by their peers. Easier in all social interactions to be in the same party as your peers. This explains why Muslims remain Muslims even though the vast majority know it is not a religion of peace — and can’t leave the society (and be possibly killed for it, as per Sharia law). So a lot of economic, social , and psychological benefits accrue to remaining in a dysfunctional system rather than rebelling. The only problem is that eventual the system crashes because the “rebels” could not make the corrections required to refresh the system.

Small Minds

One also sees the small mind phenomena.Given the huge number of issues, many people focus on just the one or two most important to them. As at the beginning of the article, a lot of “stupid bitches” just care to get a woman in the office to prove something. This is pure ego stroking at the expense of society. When one’s self-worth is deeply intertwined with some narrow materialistic concept, these insane decisions follow and the wheels of karma rapidly crashes the system.

Too much effort

Clearly, it is too much effort to think outside the box or to organize a better solution. People don’t want to spend the effort and would rather just have the decision made for them. When people give up their inherent power, they allow sociopaths to take power. This seems to be the standard human condition. Wolves looting the sheep who just want to be left alone.

Given this state of affairs, it is even more important that government have the least amount of power to minimize the amount of domination and looting. This is the hardest concept for most people to accept — that you can get all the services and results you wanted without the government. For example, there was no Department of Education before Pres. Carter — yet the US had  one of the best education systems. Now, the DoE is coercing Common Core on everyone so that they can dumb down the curriculum to make the niggers, spics, rednecks, and assorted yahoos look equal in the neomarxist framework. Stupid bitches don’t realize they are going to end up in Zimbabwe all the while thinking they are progressives.

I am sure many more reasons drive people to not vote for work to actualize their own values and self-interest. Contradictorially, they take actions that make them complicit or ,as Orwell said, accomplices in some of the most heinous and despicable crimes of humanity. There is no difference between German Nazis and Americans today or most people in the world. 99% enable an insane world which they spend all their time complaining about. Now is the time to become the 1% before the US truly ends up broken and another Zimbabwe.



The Democratic Party…

As a quick post before the election…

If you didn’t think we live in Zimbabwe, you should be thinking so after this election.

However, I wanted to point out how the Democratic Party now shows the full neo-marxist oligarchical power structure as predicted by Orwell and more recently expounded upon by Bezmenov. You must listen to Bezmenov to clearly understand the long-term flow and trend in the political arena…and understand that it is by design. The process of subversion, and demoralization leads to the creation of “useful idiots” who will then do the work of subversion in absolute contradiction to their own goals. Let’s see how this plays with Ms. Clinton and the Democratic party.

The Neo-Marxist Party

  1. The party of oligarchs. Clearly the huge money has gone to Clinton (2 to 1) . The typical big money has abandoned Trump and the Republican party, contrary to all modern history!  Do not the useful idiots who will vote Democrat understand that the oligarchy is moving to Clinton to maintain control.. and they are just voters who are being manipulated ? Of course, the big money is always from jewish oligarchs ( A tally of the fundraising for the campaign to elect Hillary Clinton president shows that the top five donors are Jewish.)
  2. Like in all oligarchies and animal farms, the Clintons have made hundreds of millions through corruption — which everyone knows — yet the poor think she represents them with all her speeches about doing things for the lesser classes. Do the useful idiots even think she cares ?  The most amusing part is that the poor and the intellectuals continually whine about the corruption of the rich, but like lemmings they will vote for the person that will continue to suck them dry.
  3. The Democratic convention was full of military generals and more war talk. Surprisingly the democratic party is more hawkish and wants the war machine more than Trump. Is the world correct ? Yet, the useful idiot liberals who regularly protest for peace not war( like that degenerate Communist Sanders ) are  all for Clinton. Do not the useful idiots see that Clinton does not represent their values ?

It kinda feels like reality has slipped off its axis and we’ve landed on a Bizarro World version of America. Democrats are acting like Republicans. Pat Buchanan is championing the GOP’s “Peace Candidate.” And the Neocons are fleeing from a party they’ve used like a geopolitical cudgel for the better part of three decades. (

Yes, both Orwell and Bezmenov warned that the truth and falsehood would be reversed and the idiots would go along.

3. As a corollary to the above, Hillary has been supporting the invasion of all the Middle Eastern countries and then  supplied arms to  jihadis in Syria with the surplus out of Libya. Is it not clear to everyone that the whole Benghazi coverup was about those arms shipments ?  Yet, the useful idiots don’t care.

Image result for wikileaks julian clinton arms

Hillary is a war criminal. In any sane world, she would be jail for life for willfully participation in the wanton deaths of over a million people and for the untold suffering of the victims of war and the creation of millions of refugees. Yet, social workers, human rights supporters, and all the other do-gooders are morally blind and bankrupt and will vote for her, just as the Republicans voted for Bush the second-time even after it was clear there was nothing even close to WMDs in Iraq. How do they even sleep at night ?

4. Of course, the most useful of “useful idiots” are many women who want to vote for her just because she is a women. I put them in the “stupid bitch” category. The stupid bitches don’t care about any of the above arguments or to consider some really bright women who would be more deserving, they just want to stoke their own egos.

Image result for scared to go to war mothers vote for clinton

One can call it pure ego — it is a covering over the universal consciousness that helps drive the dynamism of organic life, but it is also one of the primary tools of psychopathic manipulators. These stupid bitches have fallen into the trap of voting for a person who doesn’t represent them or anything they stand for, for their own ego satisfaction. Many times, it is the smarter, intellectual crowd (lawyers, MBAs, doctors, etc) that claims this elitist moral high ground, but because of their own lack of spiritual development , they have become “stupid bitches” who would destroy the world. This will not compute for most of them, it hardly does (otherwise the wheel or karma would not spin!)

5. Hillary cares nothing for women. She has gone after the women that Bill has raped. She also has taken huge money from Saudia Arabia and Qatar, countries which have the worst of worst records with regards to women. Instead, she has supported the war against the Syrian regime gave full rights to women and their education. Hillary instead has supported ISIS and Nusra , and in support of her jewish oligarchs who want to destroy Syria.


Yet, the stupid bitches don’t realize she is complete psychopath and cares only for money and power and nothing about women.

Image result for saudi arabia women hillary

6. Hillary like Obama has supported the covert , intelligence state and the suppression of gun rights. Step by step, the removal of privacy and the imposition of more draconian laws will continue under Clinton. All the freedoms that are cherished by the useful idiots will vanish as well as a way to defend themselves in militias. The totalitarian state will be complete. This path is clear as day to anyone paying even the remotest attention.

7. The media has been completely biased for Hillary. Why ? Do not people realize yet that all news is propaganda as Orwell pointed out. Newspeak is in full force in the US, and now it is totally obvious, but the demoralized idiots don’t care. The only news is the news that keeps the oligarchy in power.

Why does the oligarchy fear Trump ?

Well, in a speech completely suppressed by the MSM, he lays out the above points clearly:

I am not recommending you vote for Trump, he has all the issues which are transparent. Yet,you should understand that when he says no more foreign wars and nation-building, it is the end of military-industrial establishment. When we says all the other countries have to pay their fair share, it is the end of keeping Europe,Japan, and the most  of the rest of world as vassal states, the coalition of not the willing, but puppets. When he says no more global warming bullshit, he is destroying the carefully crafted means of complete world control and domination by a centralized authority. When he says he is going to stop the immigration, he is stopping the destruction of the nationalist spirit that opposes the oligarchy.No wonder all the Republicans who support the oligarchy (same as those on the democratic side)  are all supporting Hillary.

Listen to Bezmenov — he gave the path the US would take to a tee, and he gave the cure. Yet, Trump is not what he seems either… but that is another post. Just realize, what happened to the real tea-parties and the libertarians ?

Is there a choice ?

Is there a choice in this election ?  I normally vote Libertarian , though I consider myself one with a small “L” . Last election Gary Johnson didn’t really uphold libertarian values, not we espouses complete oligarchical values. In fact, his VP Weld basically endorsed Clinton !   So not, there is no choice for the free person (man or woman). The only real choice is to restructure the societal contract and break-up the power of monopoly government.

The oligarchy corrupts all in its all encompassing power. The US is now in a death spiral towards Zimbabwe, and like in Zimbabwe, it is nearly impossible for the free person to overthrow the totalitarian  government ,mostly because of useful idiots that keep the wheel of karma rolling through their own ego gratification strategies that boost the psychopathy of the society.

This election represents the revelation of the farce that America has become as it rapidly spins towards a totalitarian self-immolation.



When your Master Lectures You

If there is any doubt who controls Congress, just watch the sycophantic cheering :


I watched this speech in full at the time last year (and only getting the time to post it now), and yes, it is all from one speech.

Still don’t believe that the Jews control America ?  When will you step out of your brainwashed prison ?