We live at the cusp of major change in political and societal order. I wanted to offer my own life learnings and to offer some solutions that the new world ordering will require. Plus, I have interests in spirituality, finance, and energy which sometime surprising all play into a synergistic theme.

One of my aims is educate and motivate to a better ordering of our political system. My own journey can gone from hardcore socialist striving for social justice to hard core libertarian in parallel with my own spiritual growth from an simple-minded anesthetist, though eager to know about the workings of the universe, to someone being at more ease with the beauty of consciousness as is which operates on levels far beyond the mind’s compression.

Though the journey never ends, the chaos I foresee coming will require sacrifice from all of us to create a better world. I personally am not an extrovert and not known to push an agenda publicly, but this is sacrifice of time and effort, and with possible of career and political repercussions , that I am now prepared to make. If we are going to create a better world going forward, many of us will have to do the heroic – whether in small or large degrees in order to create newer worlds. This too fits into consistent spiritual patterns and age-old wisdom.

Some of what I write may be inconsistent or contradictory, but I’m on a path of learning so many mistakes will be made along the way. Certainly my views will change over time as I learn so please don’t expect concrete answers, but points of views in time – like describing the scene out of moving car on a long journey.

One aspect I will cover is the deep state. This has been a long and intense hobby for me the last 25 years and I want to share many aspects of political control that are now coming into light. Most of these has been well known but with the advent of the internet so much information is available to everyone in the world that many aspects of the political landscape are now transparent. Still, one is either not close to the actors who are doing to the political decision-making or they are purposely hidden so that we have to deduce conclusions from observations. Again, the internet has no allowed observations from multiple viewpoint to come to light so that we can now make much more accurate deductions. In fact, one of the reasons I feel more free to discuss is that I can make predictions before they happen on occasion – thus even if not completely accurate , we can say that we now understand much more than before and certainly more than the uninformed observer or what the mainstream media will disclose

{ I will be updating this note as I get time to put all my thoughts together  }


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