Elections and the Path to Freedom

Today are elections in the US. Clearly, the mindset is that Republicans will win because the hate of Obama rubbing off on the Democrats. Well that is how it is pitched. Funny, how never in the mainstream press or even most “alternative” outlet is it mentioned to vote for true change by voting for any third party. All events  in the view of “the aisle”.  Viewing political events through this metaphor ensures that only the two sides of the aisle are ever  considered. Out of the box (or aisle) thinking hardly ever occurs. Surely there are more than two views of the world. By pitching everything as two sided makes it game where you can tally the score – hence all the election night scoring. Cowboys – Redskins or Republican – Democrat. All just a game for the Oligarchy and it satisfies most people.

Or does it. most people do no vote – they know the game is rigged. The two parties are really just small variations on the same theme – the underlying power of the oligarchy is never challenged. It is interesting in how such stable social systems evolve into existence. Money or power end up being concentrated in the hands of a few and around them are various enablers that allow the system to continue even though the vast majority of people are unhappy about the state of the system.

About 1990, I woke up to the system  – first seeing that it didn’t deliver outcomes that should have been “easy”. Then, I woke up to the myriad of deceptions and corruptions to the system. For example Regan promised to cut the budget deficit – he in fact blew it to all hell – even as he and the Republicans professed to be “conservatives”. I suppose in some ways to the Democrats. So do you see the game that is played ? Each team only highlights differences relative to each other – not in absolutes. Thus, they keep the illusion of difference and more importantly the sense of choice to the public. The slaves are happier if they fell that they choose their flavor of slavery – but it is rare that they choose to be truly free.

So the hate of Obama gives power to the next set of Republicans , just as the hate of Bush ushered in Obama and the Democrats, an on and on – yet the system changes very slowly and in general towards oligarchy, centralization, and ossification.

Solutions to a Free Society

The easiest and least costly method to break the system is to vote third party, any third party – though I will expound on my own views of free society in future posts. If the oligarchy is not challenged by putting in independent candidates, then collapse and subsequent turmoil and revolutions are the usual paths. I know which one if preferable. So please vote third-party and start on the path of freedom.




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