We live in Zimbabwe

Since the Fed started printing money, it is clear that in the USA (and in Europe), we live in Zimbabwe —  but just haven’t realized it. In fact, it looks like Zimbabwe is the thought leader of the world in the 21st century.

For example, Zimbabwe started printing money long before the Fed.  So we are followers in that sense. If in the 1980s, you had said that the Fed would be printing trillions of dollars, every economist would have said it would never happen and if it did, then it would mean the US was a banana republic. Well ?


The propaganda is that the Fed saved the world, the reality is that we now live in Zimbabwe with similar characteristics:

Financially bankrupt government

Police state mentality

Haphazard application of justice/ corruption of the law.

Consolidation of power by elites – an oligarchy

Blatant propaganda and deception.


The US is still dynamic economically but the contradictions brought about by the power grab by the oligarchy will slowly but inexorably sap the spirit that had made America great. One example is that voting turnout is typically low. If you no longer believe in the system and it no longer serves you, why would you vote ? The oligarch does whatever it likes and your vote seems to not matter. (However this is not actually true – but most people do not have the courage to vote 3rd parties which are not yet corrupted).

When there is massive fraud in high places, it soon trickles down into the rest of society. Most people recognize that all the large government programs – with trillion being spent in total – do not really provide that much in services. Like the proverbial construction contract, everyone knows that it is corrupt process that puts money into the pockets of the oligarchy and their enablers. Trust and confidence are really the hallmarks of well functioning society compared to broken-down third world country. We are rapidly losing trust in the institutions that make up America.

We will take a look at both the historical record as well as current events that maybe will elucidate what happened, but more importantly for me is what we might be able to do about it in the future.

We do live in Zimbabwe, but doesn’t mean we have to do so in the future. We have the opportunity to change the course by changing our thoughts and actions.







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