Ukraine : Strange Bedfellows Point to Trouble Ahead

One of the interesting aspect of the Ukraine coup, is that the leadership is all of certain ethnic background, as are most of the oligarchs involved, but they are using Nazi nationalists to do the bulk of the fighting against the rebels. In addition, the coup leaders have now changed the law to allow foreign nationals to take cabinet positions – some of whom at least look at groomed agents.

Most recent news at the UN about the Ukraine, has been a resolution passed that denounces Nazi glorification. There is no real action required – just acknowledging the fact. Only three countries voted against: the US, Canada, and Ukraine. Most of Europe abstained, also strange given that they were the victims.

Huff Post UN Vote

Canada was one of just three nations to vote against a resolution at the United Nations last Friday to fight the “glorification of Nazism.”


Next Congress tried to pass limitations of funding to Nazis in Ukraine as part of the NDAA bill, but instead they got pressure from the ADL and other jewish groups to remove those limits! Have a look at the bizarre politics in this video:

The Israel Lobby Protects Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Now let’s have a look at the 3 new foreign nationals allowed into the cabinet.. Here is the BBC spin –

BBC – Ukraine ministers

In an unusual development, three foreigners were appointed to Ukraine’s new government this week.

US-born Natalie Jaresko became finance minister, Lithuania’s Aivaras Abromavicius economy minister and Aleksandre Kvitashvili – from Georgia – health minister. Hours before the vote in the parliament that installed them, all three were granted Ukrainian citizenship by President Petro Poroshenko.


However, we see that at least two of them look like intelligence assets from the US.  Helmer’s Dances with Bears blog is a great source of tracking oligarchy moves in Eastern Europe – in the this case Western. What we see is Jaresko is a Ukraine money manager but the bulk of the funds  came from US State Department USAID funds. Basically, she was set up as a change agent in Ukraine. Having already admitted to spending $5B in Ukraine, we can consider this appointment as just another part of the meddling in Ukraine.

Helmer on Jaresko

The USAID programs are well known to harbor intelligence assets – I have probably run into dozens if not hundreds of such references in articles and books on how agents are placed in these programs with the public appearance of “doing good” but usually having the objective of political change in the host country.

Kvitashvili also looks to be an agent with neocon backing having worked for both the Georgian NGO Curatio which is funded by the likes of Soros’ Open Foundation and for EastWest Institute, full of neocon lumineries as the US’s former Homeland Security Director Chertoff.

What does all this tell us ? Clearly, the neocon program continues strongly in Ukraine with now their direct agents in charge of pieces of the government even as the top are also completely aligned with neocon policy.

However how do we reconcile, the fact that Poroshenko(President), Yatsenyuk (PM), and Groysman(Chairman of Rada -the legislative  body) are all jewish but they and rest of the US jewish establishment are promoting the neonazis in Ukraine ?

This is easy if you have watched a dozens of these political overthrows for the last 30 years. The oligarchs engage the most ignorant and violent gangs as their foot soldiers against their opponents. I will go through a list of these going back decades in future posts, but the main thrust is to wipe out your competition as well as the dregs of society while you stand above the fray and declare you are for honesty , democracy,and freedom.

The elite of Ukraine though jewish are not working even for their jewish kinsmen – they suffer from the anti-semetic programs by the Nazi – leading to large immigration out of Ukraine to the Israel. So this is really about oligarchy, not ethnicity.

In the case of Ukraine, the neonazis have been coopted to do the dirty work of creating a bloody anti-Russopile progrom. I say Ruusophile and not Russian, as most of the Russian speakers in Ukraine, probably do not want to be part of Russia either (or at least not initially, but as the war has become extrememe, they are pushed and also led by the Russian oligarchs into completely coming into the Russian camp.

My guess given the US government bending to the will of the neocons on the use of nazis, we will see these extremists make some bold moves over the next year. Since the goal has always been the take over of Russia, the next move is to raise the provocation by the neonazis to pewssure the Putin government.

The nazi battalions will get more aid from the West and a freer hand in combat operations in the separatist regions, within Ukraine in more violent ethnic cleansing operations, or possibly even some type of provocation against Russia directly. If and when Russia reacts militarily and openly, the floodgates will open for further pressure in Russia – even the range of pressures is already massive.

These deceptive policies carried out by Western oligarchs only benefit a small select few – meanwhile the rest of us pay for these foreign interventions, thousands of people die, and millions of people have their lives disrupted. With the push into Russia, we may see some serious fireworks that truly does impact life in the US in the next couple of years.


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