A red pill for your mind #1

When a society becomes dominated by a few, the elites’ narrative is assumed to be true by the rest of society. That is, the system becomes comprehensive – most people cannot think outside of the bounds of the system. Those that do most often do not even get an airing of their views , are often regarded as crazy, or are easily marginalized or removed by legal and non-legal means.

I’ll try to put together a sequence of these images that may blow your mind of what you know about the world. Like in the Matrix, take the red pill ….




Yes, the Japanese attached Pearl Harbor – but it was NOT  A SURPRISE at all. In fact, it was a long serious of provocations by the US that lead up to the attack. In fact, the US had already broken the Japanese code on their communications – leaders at the top knew exactly what was going on. They let the attack happen. So, who and why did the elite spin a fabricated story about the surprise attack – followed up by endless Hollywood movies banging that message endless into your minds ? What was the elites’ real objective ? Well, that is more than enough for this session, but the real story on WW II is far far from the currently assumed reality – remember the victors write the history, not necessarily the truth.

Here are a couple of quick references – but if you have time you should read the relevant books to get all the details and think for yourself. You will only get the blue pill if you watch the mainstream news or mindless repeat the same bullshit that other people spew.

Image Source: Dottal.org

New American Article on P.H.




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