A tale of two minor tax evaders

Small Time Tax Evader #1


Result : Death Penalty


Small Time Tax Evader 2


tim geithner

Result : Confirmed as  US Treasury Secretary 


Everyone recognizes the injustice , but what is the solution ? Don’t miss the real issue because the oligarchy endlessly reframes the issues to divide  and dissipate the outrage. The primary issues are not race or social class directly – these issues do exist in some degree, but the main issue is the power of the state.

The power of the state and how we allow the state to exercise the power is where we should focus our attention. In our unthoughtfully constructed society, each and every law and regulation is backed up by the power of the police, and each police encounter can result in death. Read that carefully; most people do not realize it. Every law is a potential death sentence in the way we have chosen to enforce our laws. Is this the way a free society operates ?

Too many laws lead to potential for complete state control as an unintended consequence. We have reached that state today where in essence anyone can we found in violation of a law (most legislators haven’t even read many of the laws passed !) . The over-criminalization of everyday life as has been extensively written about and is common knowledge (Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent    ,   Justice Foundation) Why not take back our freedom by vastly reducing the number of laws – most of which do little to enhance out lives ?

Secondly, we give very little thought to law enforcement on the laws themselves. One aspect is to limit the violence that can be used by law enforcement to only violent crimes/potentially violent situations, and escalate the use of force in only small stages. Thus, in case#1 above – a ticket would suffice – certainly Mr. Geithner got the easy paper treatment instead of an instant chokehold.

Tickets, summons, court dates and the like would suffice as the first step to all non-violent crimes – why do we allow the police to use violence on peaceful people – even law breakers that have no intention to harm anyone ?

Just because the state has the power – can it do what it likes ? We really haven’t evolved our law enforcement practices from Sheriff Nothingham, have we?  If you really want to scare yourself into how far we have gone off the path, just regularly read some sites such as InformationLiberation regularly. This news aggregation site has done a terrific job of tracking the growth of the  police state over the last 10 years by just listing some  daily news items.

At the end of the day, a person may still resist all efforts to comply. In the modern world, is it not simpler to attach liens, wage garnishments, and non-violent punishments for non-violent crimes – even in the case on non-compliance ?  Clearly, our society has pursued a very fascist viewpoint to law enforcement – where the law is to be enforced at any cost . Our current law enforcement system is not really set-up to respect the rights of it citizens, appropriately deal with enforcement, or work towards more beneficial outcomes for the society. It looks more like a fascists police state run by authoritarian minded oligarchs. Is this America, the land of the free or Zimbabwe ?

Finally, we give a monopoly to the state for law enforcement. A monopoly is guarantee for inefficient service, over-priced product , and terrible outcomes. You have no choice about law enforcement. It is no surprise that we see terrible arrest rates for common crimes like burglary and  pension crisis in local government due to the rich pension and benefits paid out to the government monopoly employes.  These are natural outcomes of monopolies.

Why not break up the massive monolithic state with its infinite power of enforcement ? Just take a small piece out and imagine just contracting out law enforcement services to multiple competing services. One could easily imagine some companies who would use no violence at all – that is pass out tickets, summons, maybe even have a team that convince people to come-in for a crime when they are reluctant. Other could could specialize in violent arrests, having the extreme set of skills required for dangerous situations. They would much better trained to take care of those.  By having competition, you could track which companies have lower costs, better service, lower violence, etc. Not only would you could have access to and track better providers of police protection, you would have the choice to use more than one provider simultaneous which would further improve the outcomes we might receive.

One literally cannot imagine all the innovation that might happen – just look where the monopoly phone companies went from the monolithic AT&T to the vast internet, cable,wireless world we have today once the monopoly was broken up. Imagine the same in law enforcement. Negative entropy happens when we allow the power of creativity to operate rather than sticking to monolithic monopolies whose aim is only control.

Solutions for a Free Society

– Break up the law enforcement monopoly by subcontracting out services to multiple agencies and track their performance

– Make law enforcement officers and service providers subject to the same laws as ordinary citizens

– Limit or ban the use of violent enforcement on non-violent crimes


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