The Looting of Ukraine

Abramavicius: Strategic plants of Ukraine will be handed over to the Americans

Abramavicius: Strategic plants of Ukraine will be handed over to the Americans

 Kiev, December 23 (Policywhat, Mikhail Ryabov) – the Remaining state-owned strategic factories of Ukraine will be donated to the American investment funds, following the example of Romania.
About this, introducing the draft budget for 2015 in Parliament, said the Minister of economy aivaras Abromavicius.
According to him, 3374 state-owned enterprises in Ukraine only 1120 working. However, even the top 100 of them form rather than profit multi-billion dollar losses.
Abramavicius reported that the Cabinet has decided to reduce the list of 1478 strategic enterprises not subject to privatization, to 551 of the object.
Top 100 state-owned enterprises, he offers to join in the holdings and to transfer the management of Western funds, as happened in Romania, where the Americans provide capitalization once unprofitable assets and payment of dividends approved by the Minister.
Abramavicius urged MPs to support his idea. “The country needs to develop,” said the head of the Ministry of economy.


The looting of Ukraine by Western oligarchs is following the familiar pattern that allows legalized looting of whole countries.

  1. Create governmental crisis by fostering divisions in society utilizing on the weakness and dysfunctions of the current system. This has been perfected over the years into the color revolution technology and can included using nihilistic extremists( Nazis, AQ, ISIS, right wing death squads, etc)  of all types as appropriate to smash resistance.  The heavy preponderance of western money will buy media, NGOs, student and youth groups to create social change in the direction desired ( New World Order).
  2. Install puppet rulers – often in sham elections.
  3.  Precipitate economic crisis – either by civil war, financial pressure, shock therapy, IMF “recommendations”. Enter into a cycle of indebtedness with Western institutions . The deal is the puppets get to loot billions of the “aid”  while the oligarchs loot the rest of the country, impoverishing almost everyone else.
  4. Hold fire sale asset sales, often fraudulent, in the middle of the crisis to the Western oligarchs.
  5. Eventually stabilize the system a few years down the road, whereby the assets are now worth 100x their sales price. Put in all the rules of transparency, the trappings of democracy, etc – all to maximize the value of the sold assets. This integration may actually end up being better for the country relative to the often corrupt and terribly run economies of the old system. However this does not excuse #1-#4 above which encompasses mass murder, election fraud and tampering, and fraudulent asset sales. The ends do not justify the means.

Abramavicius is the foreign, western- installed minster who obviously was tapped to ensure the sales.  Ukraine is following the script as they did in Russia with Yeltsin and many other such revolutions the past few decades, each getting more sophisticated and bolder as the western oligarchs push for complete control in the new world order.



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