Fascists rule-based society

Man killed for trying to save a cat at a shelter, but not having ID and refusing to show one :


Both the left and right are happy to pass laws and rules, but do not seem to understand that rules have consequences when people do not want to follow them. Our society has accepted the notion that a law-breaker can be subject to extreme force …. land of the free or Zimbabwe ?





3 thoughts on “Fascists rule-based society

  1. The American people are dogs. Servile to core they deserve no consideration. They have eschewed the responsibilities of democracy for a steady diet of pornography and college football games. Fuck ’em. The world turns round and round, let a better, nobler people take command of history.

    • I should have post on the sheepish nature of people out soon – I think its a universal problem with the human race. Sheep in Russia under the thumb of oligarchs, sheep in China under the commie oligarchs, etc.. Where is such noble people/race you dream about – let me know so I can move there.

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