JFK – Part II – Oliver Stone

The movie JFK by Oliver Stone was heralded as a path breaking movie exposing  the faults of the Warren Commission and showing that a conspiracy did exist , and hinting that the conspiracy related to escalating the the Vietnam war. Stone’s JFK is propaganda.

Stone was the director, but the producer was Arnon Milchan. Milchan was a Mossad agent previously into arms procurement and the Israeli nuclear program.


So what is the deception that Mossad planted in the movie  ? The movie hinted that right-wing military industrial complex in the US wanted a war, and so they killed Kennedy who was  preventing further escalation.  Well, there is a lot of truth to that idea, but it was not the only motivation.

One of the key goals was to keep people from discovering the Zionist Bomb angle which was finally get wider play. By pointing to some amorphous military complex, the movie basically impugned the right-wing without pointing a finger at anyone in particular.

I had spent one of my Christmas vacations at grad school reading every JFK conspiracy book available in the library – maybe 15 or so books. The amount of detail that was already published in 1990 was fantastically rich and detailed and showed the Warren report as a massive coverup – and in fact, most Americans believe there was a conspiracy, but find it difficult to say who or what,  given all the opposing theories. The JFK assassination is full of planted false stories and misdirections – it takes a substantial amount of work to shift through the lies and garbage today.

Over the years, I have discovered that a lot of the propaganda is really about misdirection. By putting out false stories, multiple theories, and false evidence , one can muddy the water enough that it is impossible to determine the actual course of events. Another technique is to paint someone as a conspiracy theorists – as wackos basically. Finally, one can discredit an event or story by putting our fantastic stories such as aliens did it.

In short, the obfuscation can point to any number of actors –  Iranians,Cubans (well they are friends now), terrorists, radicals,  North Koreans, right-wing nut jobs, Russians, rogue CIA elements, even military industrial complex, and finally aliens, and creatures from the underground – they are all crazy conspiracy theorists…

why bother have a beer and watch the game, the government is taking care of it…. No one acts because they cannot focus on the real enemy – the oligarchy – everyone instead argues about the minutia of the assassination if they are even interested at all. So when repeated campaign is run in mainstream news mentioning the above bad guys,   understand that it almost always is a misdirection relating to other political event that may be occurring.

Mossad produced the movie JFK to keep people from the Israeli angle as that theory was gaining traction. I don’t know if Stone was just naive as I was at the time or knew about the Israeli angle, but he should have known who was financing his movie.

Oliver Stone is putting out a new movie on Ukraine. I would be surprised if he showed that behind the right-wing nazi thugs, a Zionist oligarchy is running events –  similar to the JFK assassination.The Zionist oligarchs in charge are pushing for a war with Russia – that will keep the military complex and debt rackets goings – but Stone will point out the oligarchy or will he use the “JFK” trick –  just saying the CIA ran a coup.Everyone knows the CIA has run dozens of coups around the world and yet the American public does nothing – so this is safe line of limited hangout.







3 thoughts on “JFK – Part II – Oliver Stone

  1. I was looking over your site because I enjoyed your comment on the plausibility of a Russian “oligarch” connection to the Batman assassination (at Vineyard of the Saker). The Mossad connection to the Kennedy assassination is very probable (there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence), but the Israeli connection should be taken in a larger context (and not just the Dimona-inspection threat from Kennedy). After the Second World War, and even before, there were negotiations among Anglo-American agents, the House of Saud, leading Zionists, and representatives of the Third Reich (one such meeting was even reported in a U.S. newspaper) about a future Zionist state in Palestine which was to be used by pro-Nazi elements as a sort of “provocateur nation” to drive Muslims into the arms of Nazism and eventually spark a now round of extermination of world Jewry (counter-intuitive until you see all the evidence). The idea that the leadership of the State of Israel are a party to a re-emergent Nazi axis, for a half-century dormant, is an almost impossible one for most people to accept (Jewish Nazis ??!), but there is a LOT of documented evidence by reputable journalists and anti-fascist researchers to attest to it, and now and then some of it has even surfaced in small-town newspapers in the U.S. and other countries.

    While these days he’s unconscionably soft on Second-Wave Zionism and the Sate of Israel (but has also outed Jewish Nazis) and has missed the boat (in my opinion) in singling out the leadership of the German government as still the leading player in the Axis, radio personality and researcher Dave Emory has assembled and preserved some of the wealth of anti-fascist research that major authors and the late radio personality Mae Brussell assembled during the decades of clandestine organization by what Emory terms the “Underground Reich”. Dave keeps pouring it out and has made invaluable anti-fascist books and his own radio archives available on-line. His categories “Books” and “Anti-Fascist Archives”: (under “Audio”) are where to look, but below are links to (1) his evidence on the Nazi involvement in the Kennedy assassination, (2) the evidence linking the Aryan Nations milieu and German politicians to the Oklahoma City Bombing (on the eve of Hitler’s birthday, April 20) and the 9/11 events, and a buried article by Mae Brussell on the Nazi connections to the JFK assassination. Don’t miss Dave’s audio links at the pages.

    3 http://www.maebrussell.com/Mae%20Brussell%20Articles/Nazi%20Connection%20to%20JFK%20Assass.html

    P.S.: Don’t look for anything substantial or up-to-date from my AbomiNATIONS website; it was an impulse that I haven’t followed up on.
    My current postings are at my Google profile at…

    • Yes, thanks for the feedback. I know Dave Emory – I attended a few of his lectures on the West coast and have listened to dozens if not hundreds of his shows when I used to live there. I think he is only telling a part of the story – clearly on purpose – so in my mind he is a disinformation agent. My whole point is that the elders of Zionism and National Socialism are ruled by the same oligarchs. You will see this in my next posting which is JFK I – which I’m still revising. I’m trying to stay focused on the present and changes for the future , but first I need to explain a little history so not putting everything out there. If you read Herzl – he hated jews ! People do not understand that the oligarchs think of themselves as superhuman because they can do whatever they want in the world, they have no limits (whether just pride, being Frankist, or Luciferian, or whatever) – Zionist hated religious,poor jews because they made them look barbaric, not like the new kings of the world. They were and are the original self-hating jew. You can see that in one of articles on Ukraine – some jewish oligarchs are running the whole operation but they use Nazis to do the dirty work – which in turn is not so good for the 99.99% of the jews not at the top. It is Animal Farm, anyone worth less that $10B is just a sheep, we need to focus on the pigs. Nazi/jew dichotomy is one of the best ways they keep us from looking for the pigs.

  2. Brief follow-up. I forgot to add a teaser. Recall that Lee Harvey and Marina Oswald had a coterie of Russian-emigré friends in Dallas. These were not COMMUNIST Russians, but NAZi Russians, having long-time connections with the remnant underground of the Vlasov Army that went over to the Nazi side during Operation Barbarossa. Another documented fact: Lee Harvey Oswald spoke German better than he spoke Russian.

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