Militarization of the Police

Since the drug war, and esp. after the passage of the patriot act and homeland security legislation, the militarization of the police has moved at a rapid pace. The goal has always been domestic suppression of resistance to the oligarchy.

One part of that training has been to accustom the police to treating all civilians as potential terrorists. A large part of the training and mindset comes from the oligarchs that had the legislation passed and their Israeli trainers.

Dual US-Israeli citizen and former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff  pushed along the implementation of the police state. In fact, we have Israeli firm obtaining contracts to train police to become in essence occupying forces :


However, no country in the world has a closer cooperation with Israeli police forces than the US. Just a sampling of US cities and institutions that have trained or are training in Israeli methods are Alameda County; Atlanta; Boston; Cambridge, MA; Commerce, GA; Detroit; Duxbury, MA; Georgia Tech University; Knoxville, TN; Los Angeles: the Maryland Department of Transportation; Miami; New York City; Pembroke Pines, FL; San Francisco; San Mateo; Santa Clara; Seattle; Stamford, CT; Sterling Heights, MI; and Suffolk County, NY. Low-level bilateral relationships between city police, sheriff’s departments and other agencies of order in the US are reinforced by arrangements put in place by high-level officials like the memorandum of understanding signed by former Minister Dichter and former US Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff in 2007. A statement put out prior to the agreement and quoted by The Jerusalem Post stated “that there exists a vital need to promote operational, scientific and technological cooperation between the parties in the field of homeland security.”

One can see the change in perspectives in how the police view the average citizen with some of their training material, highlighted by :





Is it any wonder that cops shoot first, given their training to see us all as potential terrorists and to use massive suppressive violence as part of an occupying force ?  This was by design and is not an unintended consequence of the war on terror as has been warned about since the 1980s, but only now are people waking up to the jackboots on their necks. For over 25 years, people including myself have warned that the steady removal of civil liberties would end up with the USA as a police state. We have reached our destination as defined by our oligarchs – we live in Zimbabwe.




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