Eyes Wide Shut – The Elite Society

Open Your Eyes Wide

Stanley Kubrick has made a number of fantastic movies describing the operation of the oligarchy. His last movie, Eyes Wide Shut, is the most important one. In it, he describes  a secret society held together by illicit activities in which if you want to rise in society, you must be invited and initiated into the club. Since many other elites are part of the society, it is the fast track to the top as well as freedom from legal prosecution since the cabal controls politicians, police, and the legal system.

Epstein Rides Again

So recently, we get the Jeffrey Epstein story again in the news:

‘I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me a favor,’ one unidentified woman said in the lawsuit, which was filed in Palm Beach Circuit Court.

The woman went on to say how orgies were a regular occurrence and she recalled two young girls from New York who were always seen around the five-house compound but their personal backstories were never revealed.

At least one woman on the compound was there unwillingly, as the suit identifies a woman as Jane Doe 102.

She ‘was forced to live as one of Epstein’s underage sex slaves for years and was forced to have sex with… politicians, businessmen, royalty, academicians, etc,’ the lawsuit says according to The Enquirer.

Epstein’s sexual exploits have been documented since 2005, when a woman in Palm Beach contacted police saying that her 14-year-old daughter had been paid $300 to massage him and then have sex.

The claim prompted a nearly year-long investigation that led to the eventual charge of soliciting prostitution which came as part of a plea deal. He spent 13 months of a 18-month sentence in jail and remains a registered sex offender. 

Some of the people known to have associated with Epstein including flown on private jets to his island – a who’s who of the elite – Bill Clinton, Price Edwards (now being Sued), Prince Williams, Lawrence Summers, Alan Dershowitz, and dozens of other highly placed individuals.

Amazing what a little money can buy in terms of fawning PR from Harvard:

“I am amazed by the connections he has in the scientific world,” says Martin A. Nowak, who will leave Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study to run the mathematical biology and evolutionary dynamics program at Harvard endowed by Epstein’s $30 million gift. “He knows an amazing number of scientists; he knows everyone you can imagine.”

Indeed, Epstein shares a special connection with one of the most prominent figures at Harvard—University President Lawrence H. Summers.

Summers and Epstein serve together on the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, two elite international relations organizations.


Now if you are part of the club, you can often avoid criminal charges altogether or in this case, serve minimal time. Note the level of crimes alleged :


* Prosecutors said in a 2007 draft letter they’d identified 40 young women who could be considered victims of Epstein’s illegal acts. Many of them filed lawsuits or claims against Epstein and reached out-of-court settlements for amounts that were not disclosed. Source: Politico

* Nadia Marcinkova, whom Epstein referred to  as his “Yugoslavian sex slave” because he had imported her from the Balkans at age 14. Source: DailyBeast
and DailyBeast2

Could it be that she was sourced out of Yugoslavia/Kosovo …the largest source of sex-slaves post the NATO illegal invasion and war on it’s people:

The Clinton’s war in behalf of the islamist Albanian mob 1999, vs. Serbia, helped establishment of the black hole of the European security. Kosovo has been the final destination for numerous kidnapped girls and boys for over a decade.

For example, in their three-month investigation, GlobalPost has uncovered mounting allegations that the highest levels of the U.S.-backed Kosovo government are involved in this human trafficking.

The victims of the trade are typically minor and teenage girls who are kidnapped, seduced and often forced into what amounts to sexual slavery. There is prostitution in Kosovo that services the international community, the U.S. and NATO military forces and the U.N. and aid workerts who operate here. But more frequently, investigators say, Kosovo is a trafficking hub for children and women sold into prostitution rings in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Western European capitals and elsewhere. Much has been written about these victims, but less has been written about the men who carry out the trafficking. (Source: TMBJ)

 * Victims alleged that Epstein molested underage girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, including three 12-year-old girls brought over from France as a birthday gift. DailyBeast  (Really? Who gave their 12 year old daughters away and why are they not arrested ?  – or is it likely to be some kidnapped Eastern European sex slaves passed through France ?!! – ninestreams)

* Brunel, along with numerous young models, was a frequent passenger on Epstein’s private jet, according to flight manifests. The agency owner also allegedly received $1 million from Epstein in 2005, when he founded MC2 with his partner, Jeffrey Fuller…”I really despise Jean-Luc (Brunel)  as a human being for the way he’s cheapened the business,” says John Casablancas. “There is no justice. This is a guy who should be behind bars. There was a little group, Jean-Luc, Patrick Gilles, and Varsano…They were very well-known in Paris for roaming the clubs. They would invite girls and put drugs in their drinks. Everybody knew they were creeps.”Source: Jezebel   ( from DailyBeast : Brunel is a 50-plus French playboy who was formerly part owner of Karin, a Paris-based modeling agency. He lives in New York and South Beach, Florida, and owns 85 percent of MC2, which has offices in New York, Miami, and Tel Aviv.)


No Punishment

So what sentence did he get : only 13 months in jail – but allowed to go to the office everyday, and 18 month house arrest at his Palm Beach Mansion just allowed many times to travel out of state ! Not any real incarceration !


An attorney for some of the teenage girls who were Epstein’s victims calls this plea deal “atrocious” and he says “It’s an embarrassment to the U.S. Attorney’s office.”

He says they had evidence that could have put him away for 33 life sentences and he got a sweetheart deal.
This has been sealed for months– and Epstein’s lawyers fought to keep it from being made public.  Source: BusinessInsider


Michael Reiter, the former Palm Beach police chief, certainly thinks so. He gave The Daily Beast exclusive access to the transcript of his nine-hour deposition for the victims’ civil suits, in which he explained how the case against Epstein was minimized by the State Attorney’s Office, then bargained down by the U.S. Department of Justice, all in an atmosphere of hardball legal tactics and social pressures so intense that Reiter became estranged from several colleagues. At the time, Reiter, who retired in 2009 and now runs his own security firm, objected both to Epstein’s plea agreement and to the flexible terms of his incarceration in the county jail rather than state prison. Asked during the deposition whether he thought Epstein received special treatment, he answered “yes.” DailyBeast 

Conclusions and Speculations

Here are my speculations without proof, but based on seeing many such cases over the past 30 years.

– All the sex flights and orgies on the island and other places were videotaped. These would be used for blackmail and to bind relationships .. just as hinted in Eyes Wide Shut.

– Epstein main financial backer was Les Wexner of Limited and Victoria’s Secret – both companies using plenty of underage, naked models. (note also Wexner’s support of the Iraq war ). My  guess is Wexner maybe deeply involved but he may have escaped prosecution as has Brunel so far. The prosecutor made a deal that all other would not face prosecution !!

– One can see the elite connections with sex trafficking out of Kosovo (which is Soros run fiefdom tbd in a future post) , “modelling” , and potential blackmail. Clearly, it looks like Epstein was the pimp of young girls to the elite. He was potentially offering them to Presidents, royalty, CEOs, Congressmen, etc.  Do you believe that was just for fun or for profit ?

– Once potentially blackmailed, highly placed politicians may have been pushed the political agenda of the blackmailers. War on Yugoslavia, Iraq, etc. come to mind. How much of our current policy is determined by those politicians who are trapped by their indiscretions  ? Note that Epstein himself is on the CFR and Trilateral Commission.

— Very likely, the cabal exchange insider information, such as advance notice of laws, military operations, etc. as well as getting concessions and grants. Not just about sex, it is way for the elite to make even more money at the expense of everyone else.

– Note how multiple levels of law enforcement were compromised by the pressures of the cabal of Epstein’s friends so that he hardly served any kind of real sentence. Note this case where a man with child pornography was sentenced to thirty years – for just viewing on his computer, not actually trafficking, molesting, having sex, and filming the girls ! So the guys that do it went free, and the perverts that watch it over the internet get put away for life. I find it even more fascinating that long friendships within the law enforcement community were broken when someone such as Mr. Reiter tried to do the right thing – so imagine the incredible pressures put behind the scenes. (in many case, people do get whacked but haven’t seen any yet in this one).

– The house manager in the Epstein story that tried to sell his story and had some stolen papers got a harsher sentence that Epstein !!How dare he steal from the elite!! ( Rodriguez was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison Epstein was allowed to serve 13 months in the Palm Beach county jail)

– Clearly, the prosecution and the whole justice system works for the elite and you if you try to do anything against them, you are not going to get justice but skewered yourself.


We really do live in Eyes Wide Shut world.

We are ruled by a degenerate oligarchy to whom laws and rules do not apply and who run the world according their own wishes and not those of the people.

Please watch the movie and then is ton of other material on the internet describing the significance of all the elements that Kubrik put into the movie – including the tracking of young girls as sex slaves, the secret societies, the complete corruption and control from the top. Please keep eyes wide open.


Solutions for a Free Society

Instead of just pointing out the facts or complaining about the state of affairs, I want to start putting together a list of ideas on how a better, free society would operate. My goal is to put together a manifesto at some point. Please do put your ideas forth in the comments.

— One of the ways the oligarchy has centralized power is by giving only the prosecutor control over bring a case.  We have seen hundreds of cases of prosecutors not bringing a case or engaging in all types of criminal misconduct to win cases against innocent people. In the Epstein case, only three or four levels of the criminal system needed to be compromised – local,  state, federal and the local prosecutor is the most important. They chose to not charge him with sex trafficking for example. Why do we give a monopoly to the prosecution.

Idea: Let anyone file a criminal case, where they can recover reasonable costs from defendant. Dozens of girls were not given a day in the court because of the corruption of the local prosecution. Dozens of other enablers of the sex trafficking were not prosecuted at all and in fact obtained a stay-out-of jail card forever, and dozens of highly placed elites were not prosecuted for abusing these young girls. By breaking up the monopoly, anyone can file a case (at their expense) including against the local prosecutor(who now practically has immunity against misconduct). There would have been thousands of lawyers willing to take up the case on behalf of the victims and would have prosecuted the  dozens of others involved. By monopolizing power within the state, the elites are able to corrupt the state easily. Break up the monopoly.



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