JFK – Part I

Who killed JFK ?

One of the most intriguing and key questions of our times !

According to the State’s view :



Lee Harvey Oswald ( a lone nut) .

Who killed Oswald before he could talk ?

Jack Ruby (a lone nut).

The story goes that Jack Ruby just was so distressed over the assassination that he decided to get revenge ( a lone nut). The Warren commission also found that Ruby had no connection to organized crime.

However, did you catch the name in the clip ?

Jack Rubenstein. Not the assumed Ruby , but originally Rubenstein.

Jack Ruby worked for whom ?

Mayer Lansky

Rubenstein reveals Lansky connections

Jack worked for Mayer Lansky, the king of Las Vegas and one of the heads of Murder Inc. – the Syndicate. Ruby was part of the Lansky syndicate and ran strip clubs and prostitutes in Dallas. That is enough evidence to confirm the Warren Commission report is a complete fabrication. This is how most government whitewashes work, they either omit the evidence completely or just declare something that is complete false and assume most people will believe it.

So that would be Jewish mob, not Italian mob though they worked together  The Jewish mob, with Bugsy Siegel and Lansky, founded and ran Las Vegas.  Lansky was a hard-core Israeli supporter who used to run guns to Israel in earlier years, and did flee there at one time to try to escape prosecution in the US.  Lansky, who was very pro-Israel and ardently anti-Irish due to the Irish gangs beating up jews when he was a kid, is the missing piece that connects to the bigger picture.

In addition, Rose Charamie a stripper who worked for Rubenstein told police days before that JFK would be killed on or about Nov. 22nd. She was later killed in mysterious circumstances as were dozens of other witnesses. So clearly, the Rubenstein-Lansky connection knew of the assassination in advance (given that Rose knew) and killed Oswald to shut him up.

They exposed themselves with the obvious hit on Oswald because I believe Oswald was supposed to have been killed at the theater. There were a large number of screw-ups in the assassination including not getting Kennedy on the first shot, which required substantially more shots by others shooters , and these additional shots lead to the farce of the magic single bullet to try to explain all the injuries. In their hurry to shut up Oswald, they used Ruby – a reliable mobster to do the hit but by doing so they revealed a large part of the plot.

In any case, the media never mentions these facts. Why ? Who owns the media and why would they claim it was Italian mobsters that may have been involved ? Given these facts, why has anyone trusted the media for all these decades ? Why do people trust anything the government says when it is clear the Warren report is complete fabrication when you just look at one key detail.

“I want to tell the truth, and I can’t tell it here,” Ruby told Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren in June 1964, after Warren and other commission members including Gerald Ford visited Ruby in Dallas. Warren, whose commission was hastily assembled at the behest of President Johnson to quell conspiracy theories, declined to transport Ruby to Washington, D.C. to testify about what really happened. (source: Roger Stone, “The Man who Killed Kennedy”, plus many, many others).

All the people in the commission were accessories after the fact to murder of the President. They should have all been arrested and charged with treason, instead they  went on to become President (Ford), Chief Justice(Warren), CIA director (Helms), and to hold other high positions and honors.


The Big Picture

What about the bigger picture as surely Lansky did not have the power to set up JFK’s trip, direct the FBI for the coverup, control JFK’s body and autopsy and manage to lose the most crucial piece of evidence – the brain, or setup the Warren Commission whitewash, etc.  Clearly, a number of other persons were involved.

The short story is Lansky is tied into the greater Zionist network and their motive was to achieve the Israeli nuclear bomb. He was intimate with many of the highest level Mossad.  JFK was completely opposed to Israel getting the bomb.  Mossad’s hand can be seen in the setting up Permindex front which plays a role in all the spook work that went around New Orleans. Permindex was heavily mentioned in “JFK” but not the Mossad connections. You can find a number of books that go in all the details of the exact shooter(s) (it was not Oswald) , various highly placed individuals involved, etc.  I will just mention that Vanunu, who famously gave the details on the Israeli bomb, also believes that Mossad was responsible for the JFK assassination.

  In a startling accusation, nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has alleged that Jerusalem was behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, who was exerting pressure on the then Israeli head of state to shed light on the Dimona nuclear plant.

In addition elements of  military intelligence, FBI and CIA(Dulles for example) , including George H. W. Bush, were deeply involved although given the compartmental nature of these organizations only a few people were involved while the rest of the organization were ignorant of the plot.  Johnson was the key middle man as he was required for the coverup, the advancement of pro-Israeli policy, the prosecution of the Vietnam war, pushing the domestic neo-marxist agenda, etc. Note that he was mentored and funded by various Zionists from the beginning, as was Nixon!

The JFK assassination bound together was the oligarchical left and right in America. Locally, Zionist gangsters and financiers , and possibly other well placed Zionists in the government such as Lewis Strauss  got together with the – right Bush/CIA, military complex,  Texas conservatives,etc.  The public murder served to bind the Zionist gangsters and financiers with the military complex, law enforcement/intelligence,  and other conservative establishment figures on the right completely, even as their co-ordination had been building over the decades. This is why the left and right today are the same – they represent the same interests that got together in the JFK murder and coverup.

The global war and militarism pursued by both Democrats and Republicans today is a reflection of the gangster and authoritarian elements that came together in 1963 – they only quibble about  minute differences in policies related to the police, intelligence, and military. From the outside, the policies of Bush and Obama look the same where the US outspends the rest of the world combined in military spending. We see the same in Ukraine where the zionist and the nazis pursue the same policy against Russia. What is surprising is that the same pattern holds in WW II – which is probably a big shocker ! and possibly even WW I.  What you will see in future posts is the same combination of right-wing military industrial complex, jewish and other gangsters, and zionist and non-jewish investment bankers and financiers.


Las Vegas Thugs Still Run Politics

As a final conclusion, the same extremist zionist thugs running Las Vegas still having a heavy hand in American politics. Read these two articles on Adelson and Saban financing both parties :

The Las Vegas meeting was dubbed the “Adelson primary” because of the billionaire’s outsized influence on Republican campaigns. Attendees included heavy hitters like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

 Forbes on Adelson

The Twittersphere agog at the Sheldon and Haim show was largely a liberal Jewish one, journalists and writers who are hardly hostile to Israel, but are increasingly dismayed as the Israeli right wing entrenches itself in power while becoming ever more extreme.


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