Some other kinds of propaganda

Here are a couple of videos that our current oligarchs don’t want you to see. Of course, any sane person will want to see them. Both very long, but worth the time  – different perspectives let you see the kind of delusions that are spun in the West.


From North Korea, not as heavy-handed as you would think and amusing enough to watch all the way through :


The next one is over 6 hours so may have to watch it in chunks, but is required to look at the loser’s viewpoint if you really want to understand the propaganda by our current oligarchs. Think for yourself and seek the truth from looking at as many viewpoints as possible:


I’m not condoning any of these views, but why are we so afraid to even listen to our so called enemies ? Certainly, no one thinks that living in NK or Nazi Germany would be paradise (well I guess some very small percentage do) – neither represent any type of free society, but their views help us see what blinders we have on, and in some ways what our oligarchy doesn’t want us to see.



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