Do we live in Medieval times ? Serfdom for you.

My family lives off my labor income. I pay between 45-50% of my gross income in federal, state, local, property, sales, and gases taxes. There is probably a bit more in other taxes that I’m missing and certainly the higher cost of all products through government regulation.

In medieval times, that would make me a serf, where my master takes half of the earnings of my labor. Yes the state does provide some services to me, but so did a king – he had his police forces and courts. In general, the state does really nothing that I would want – I don’t agree with the military spending, the social programs, the educational social re-engineering, etc.

For me, anything more than 15% for the government means that I’m not a free person. My situation is doubly troublesome since I only spend about 25% of my gross income, the other 25% I save.  So the government is really taking twice as much from me as I’m spending ! Plus,  my savings may be subject to some form of seizure in the future as the government approaches bankruptcy on it’s huge pile of debt. Who says we live in a free society ? This so called freedom has made me into a serf of the state.

We truly are serfs. The neo-marxist policies follow a familiar pattern. Seizing the money from middle hard-working classes, distributing them to the lower classes to keep them appeased as well as to the pig industries that control the top – military-industrial complex (including the security state), finance, and medical in that order. In turn, the military-industrial complex wages war in almost every country of the world like the Communist Internationale, trying to spread the control of the oligarchy. Of course, all this machinery is not really for the benefit of the average person – it truly does not create better societies, they only keep the pigs on the Animal Farm happy.

When are you going to stop being a serf ? At least vote for a third party.



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