Global Warming – What is it ?

What is global warming ? A power grab by the global oligarchy.

I did a study when I was at Standford University Engineering grad school looking at the global warming models, but really focused on at the economic aspects – benefits and costs, and what was the value of information in an uncertain world. 25 years later, the conclusion is the same. No scientific-basis exists, based on data, to conclude the human-generated global warming thesis, but it is worthwhile to spend significant resources on the science to both prove the science and improve the models.

Let’s look at some of the hype:

In his 2007 Noble Prize acceptance speech, former Vice President  Al Gore warned that the “Arctic ice could be gone in as little as seven years.”

Let’s look at the data:

Source: WuwT

Looks like global sea ice is at this time of the year well above normal for the last 45 years. Certainly, it did not all melt ! In addition, there is no sea level rise due to polar ice cap melt because there is no polar ice melt. Maybe we should ask Al Gore to give his Nobel Prize back or more significantly we should ask why is he engaging in such outlandish fear-mongering ?

Examination of the data reveals that the warming looks to be within normal variation, is not even remotely as warm as it has been in human history, and shows little to no evidence to link rising Co2 to rising temperatures. In short, you cannot prove that warming is based on human activity. This is scientific fact, which you can check on data and analysis on sites like the  source above. All the models that predicted warming changes in the past have been so significantly off the mark that you can only conclude they are wrong and that we do not understand the science – this “science” is mostly based on computer models which are no different than video games but they do no reflect reality !! It is exteremely difficult to know all the linkages and parameters to a global climate model – they are just guessing. Really, they cannot get the weather correct a few days in advance and they have much more data and science on short-term whether prediction. Do you really trust any model based on conjecture?

In addition, a small slow temperature rise that we have seen may be net beneficial – as  the northern hemisphere has huge amounts of land that would open up to slight warming, adding to greater agricultural productivity in the Russian and Canadian plains while allowing for the rest for the world to easily adjust. Note, we are not even close to that level of warming , but I look forward to benefits of warming, whether generated by humans or by other processes such as solar output variation.

So why does the oligarchy push global warming so strongly ?

  • Global Warming is the perfect issue to get greens and hippies to buy into world domination joining forces with the financial and military industrial complex that is already on board. It is a perfect issue that mesmerizes a large portion of the population into giving up their rights which they otherwise would not. These leftist will now submit (and cause others to submit) to the demands of the oligarchical cabal as they put in a global regulatory structure enforced by a global police to deal with a global problem. If you are green, is this the outcome you want ?
  • Global Warming allows for the centralization of power over all human activity. If you want to be “king” of the world, this is the ideal tool. The oligarchs will control the GW politburo which will be able to influence every single industry and human activity. Do you really want to give them this power ?
  • Massive amounts of money will be made by the financial oligarchy as they  trade on a new asset class, carbon trading, worth tens of billions (if there was actual GW). Luckily, the lack of warming has nearly killed this massive money transfer( legalized theft) from the poor to the rich.
  • GW rules would eventually entail the regulation of human reproduction. Every human is a carbon emitter, and human activity generates more carbon. It should be evident that once consent is given to regulate GW fully, draconian population control rules would come into place. It is not mentioned today but is evident in all their other papers that population control is high on the agenda. Even if you are for more population control, it may not be in the form you wish. You have no control over the war in Iraq, do you think you would have it on the War on GW ? 
  • GW rules will be decided to favor some industries over others, allowing the oligarchy to front run the rules they themselves make. The rich and connected will make even more money – just look how much money that clown Gore has made on his voodoo science with his fake Nobel Prize. Can you imagine the impact on every single industry – power, energy production, farming, industrial production, etc. Trillions of dollars would be transferred based on the GW rules.

If the GW agenda is fully implemented, expect to see all sort of unintended consequences. Following the recent meme, you can easily imagine some swat police forces swooping down on and killing some third world farmers because they refuse to give up their cows that are deemed a threat to the world !  Absurd !

Resist the oligarchy

– Recognize that GW is the biggest scam ever fostered on mankind.

Do not succumb to fear. Look at Al Gore scaring you that the ice caps are going to melt – on his Nobel Prize speech, no less, to give it maximum authority and publicity. Did you fall for it ? Yes? , then you’ve been had.  Don’t be a willing slave in the future, tell Al Gore and the rest of GW fools  to take a hike. The favorite tool of the oligarch is fear , whether related to terrorism, GW, or other major issues. Do you really trust the oligarchy and their henchmen like Al Gore when they are clearly so wrong in their predictions and are clearly trying to scare into giving up your rights and submitting to their “authority” ? Have faith that humans will do the right thing without submitting to fear-mongers who want to rule over you.

– Do not submit to all attempts to centralize power. The New World Order is run by psychopaths that want to be kings of the world and who will do anything to attain more power and wealth. Recognize the attempts to centralize power, control your behavior by more regulation, and  tax you further so that they control your money. Just say No to central authority.

Hopefully you have seen the enemy in this small example. Do the right thing and fight for a better world, not for the oligarchy who tries to sell you blue skies and flowers, but really only want to control the world and it’s resources.







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