Kings and Queens are Looters


My daughters , as I suppose all girls, love to dress up and play princess.

However, I teach them that all royalty are looters. Basically, Royalty are autocrats that run repressive nepotistic dictatorships. All notions of royalty should be repugnant to free people. When people point out some great work by some king or another, I cannot believe that people are so naturally submissive or ignorant.  Only a megalomaniac sociopath would want to do such a thing.  Whenever I see the British royalty (as in the picture) , I just see a lot of looted jewels gained through bloody conquest all around the world. Are they really proud of their looting ? Why are people so enamored with these looters and their ostentatious display of loot ?



Recently, we had the death of one of worst autocrats, the King Looter of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah.

Vampire Looters  (BBC)

Queen Elizabeth II in a carriage with King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia

Both the British Government and Westminster Abbey will be running flags at half-mast as if honoring a great leader. Have you wondered why does the British government as well as other governments honor a bloody looter ?

Obviously, the British royalty, which is part of the oligarchy, wants a show of respect for other monarchs. It aid in training the submissive serfs to be respectful their own masters at home; if Abdullah is snubbed, the serfs might get the wrong ideas in their heads, but why does the government which represents the average person pay homage ? Surely the British government and the US government should be trying to arrest these looters of the desert  for murder and looting ? No ? why is that ?  How about Westminster Abbey ? Do they not realize that the Saudis are Wahabbis and they believe all Christians should be killed ? Why the farce ?

The oligarchy loves their puppets. They love to shower praise and awards on the compliant puppets – murder, looting, and perversion is expected, otherwise you cannot be part of the gang. When the oligarchy installs a puppet regime (and the House of Saud were installed and remain in charge by the pleasure of  the British oligarchy), they allow the puppet rulers to loot on a grand scale – either by looting the local people and/or resources or by looting various external aid projects – such IMF,  World Bank, bilateral development aid/loans, etc.  (see Agee’s CIA Diary or Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man).  Most people in the West think that these mostly third world countries are corrupt, but they don’t realize the corruption starts with the oligarchy at home, the oligarchy in turn get the government or other aid agencies to put up the money (the money doesn’t come from them , but you and me!), the funds are in turn looted by their local mobster (the thug they put in charge of the country in order to the bidding of the boss oligarchs) , and he pretends to carry out the project, then at the lower levels of these aid organizations, a bunch of naive dumb-shits are paid to write up a bunch of mumbo-jumbo on the progress – where they also mention the corruption , and everyone is happy.  All the locals in the West think that all that aid money is not effective because it is corrupt third world country, and all the local in the aided country are unhappy because they cannot get out of the corrupt system, all the while the oligarchs on both sides live like kings – they have managed to loot everyone !

It is not only third world countries, even Merkel in Germany is a puppet.  She has gotten numerous awards over the years for doing the work of the oligarchy. Honest, peaceful person should consider arresting her for supporting wars, coups, bombings, etc…

So, we do live in an Orwellian world where looters are honored and peaceful people are murdered  and ignored by their governments. The oligarchy seems to have a stronghold on the UK and its major institutions  where its major church will honor a foreign king whose religion aims to wipe out the same church! The UK is truly enslaved.




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