JFK – The aftermath

Theories on the perpetrators of the JFK assassination speculate on the involvement of the Italian mob, right-wing conservatives, communists, etc. My theory is that it was an amalgamation of oligarchs, both on the left and right, and driven primarily be an israeli desire to produce a nuclear bomb but with a number of other secondary goals.

We can partially validate the theory by examining the type of government installed by the perpetrators in the years after. Let’s have a look at a couple of key positions:

Chair, President’s Council of Economic Advisers

Name                                       Date
Edwin G. Nourse             1946–1949
Leon H. Keyserling         1949–1953
Arthur F. Burns               1953–1956
Raymond J. Saulnier      1956–1961
Walter W. Heller             1961–1964

JFK Murder
Gardner Ackley                 1964–1968
Arthur M. Okun                1968–1969
Paul W. McCracken         1969–1971
Herbert Stein                    1971–1974
Alan Greenspan                1974–1977
Charles L. Schultze          1977–1981
Murray L. Weidenbaum 1981–1982
Martin Feldstein              1982–1984
Beryl W. Sprinkel            1985–1989
Michael J. Boskin            1989–1993
Laura D’Andrea Tyson   1993–1995
Joseph E. Stiglitz             1995–1997
Janet Yellen                      1997–1999
Martin Neil Baily             1999–2001
R. Glenn Hubbard           2001–2003
N. Gregory Mankiw         2003–2005
Ben S. Bernanke               2005–2006
Harvey S. Rosen               2005
Edward Lazear                 2006–2009
Christina Romer              2009–2010
Austan Goolsbee              2010–2011
Alan Krueger                    2011–2013
Jason Furman                  2013- Present

Those in red are jewish, and Mss. Tyson and Romer are married to Jewish husbands. We see that after the JFK assassination, the primary adviser to the President has become steadily more Jewish. Prior to JFK, jews chaired the CEA about 1/3 of the time – far in excess of their population percentage reflecting their outsized influence in financing, but after JFK that percentage went to 70%, with 100% in the last 15 years. Surely this trend in not accidental.

Chair, Federal Reserve

Name                                 Date
Charles Hamlin         1914 –1916
William Harding       1916 –1922
Daniel Crissinger      1923 –1927
Roy Young                  1927 –1930
Eugene Meyer            1930 –1933
Eugene Black             1933 –1934
Marriner Eccles        1934 –1948
Thomas B. McCabe  1948 –1951
William M. Martin   1951 –1970

JFK Murder
Arthur Burns             1970 –1978
G. William Miller      1978 –1979
Paul Volcker               1979 –1987
Alan Greenspan         1987 –2006
Ben Bernanke            2006 –2014
Janet Yellen               2014 —Present

Other than the short 1-year term of Mr. Miller, the Fed Chair has been exclusively jewish since the JFK assassination. Not only the actual appointment, but the second choices have also been jewish. For example, Marty Feldstein was the other choice to Bernanke when replacing Greenspan, and Stanley Fischer, an Israeli dual citizen, to Yellen. Also note that Volcker, after destroying the limits on usury during his term, went to work for the Rothchilds post-retirement.

Current Supreme Court Justices

Samuel Alito
Stephen Breyer
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Elena Kagan
Anthony Kennedy
John Roberts
Antonin Scalia
Sonia Sotomayor
Clarence Thomas

Today, a full 1/3 of the Court is jewish.


The massive biases in these key political appointments hint at who truly benefited and aggregated power and wealth since the JFK assignation. Does it look like Italian mob, Texas oilmen, or right-wing nazi anti-communists to you ?

Jews were about 2.5% of the population when Kennedy was assassinated and about 1.75% of the population today. Clearly, jews are massively over-represented in these key positions – nearly 19x for the Supreme Court for example. The slanted ethnic makeup of these positions imply a systematic bias since they represent impossible odds for being randomly selected.  Even if you assume (and rightly so) that jews represent a larger portion in the professional fields of finance, economics, and law, the proportions still do not remotely make sense. We can conclude that the political process does not choose key governmental appointments to be representative of the population, but is highly skewed to tapping jewish candidates, and particularly heavily after the JFK assassination.

One could make the argument that these appointments represent the best of the crop and they just happen to be jewish, but given the sub-trend economic growth in recent decades, massive government debts, money printing , and a near end to constitutional law , that argument doesn’t paint a flattering picture – in fact, it would suggest these individuals are responsible for putting us on a path to Zimbabwe. These appointments were not good for the country.

It is more sensical to assume the oligarchy selects those that it knows to reliable to its aims. Just as the Assad family selects reliable Alawites to key positions, the Saudi family selects from their tribe, latin american dictators selected from their circle of ruling families, and communist elites select from politically loyal cadres, so too the American ( and Western) oligarchy chooses those that will further their own personal goals, not those of the country. Notions of  representative equality and political  choice are pablum for the crowd – propaganda to keep the masses submissive.

In fact, I would claim that the near complete and now overt takeover of the reigns of power has lead to the steady downfall of America towards Zimbabwe status is the well known consequence of oligarchy. Precisely because economic, legal, and political choices are made for the benefit of the oligarchs and not for the benefit of the country, America is now rapidly losing its premiere status. Sub-optimal and inefficient choices lead to degradation of society. One can look at the military industrial complex and its endless wars, manipulation of interest rates and laws to benefit the finance industry,  failure to prosecute high crimes by the oligarchy, and rubber stamping of unconstitutional laws by the supreme court for the benefit of the oligarchy (eg: ObamaCare  or  seizure of private property – civil asset forfeiture, Kelo vs. City of New London). The government has become an instrument to further the wealth and power of the rich while the rest of the population stagnate or become impoverished. Clearly, we see this trend in the last 20 years as the sum total of all the looting for the past century has finally overwhelmed all the efforts and productivity of the populace. Crony capitalism leads to Zimbabwe.

It is important to recognize the oligarchy works against the vast majority of jews as well since only a handful of oligarchs, jewish and non-jewish, at the top benefit. Since JFK, the mix of the oligarchy has become more jewish, but they work with many other non-jewish oligarchs to create “the system”.



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