Global Warming – Data is Fradulent

Just like WMDs in Iraq, the whole global warming scam has been based on outright lies and fake data. Once gain, all of the main GW advocates have been caughting altering the data to push the agenda. What is the agenda ? To control the world.  Because almost all human based activity involves carbon dioxide, one can control all the world’s activities if people give up their power.

Here is the latest news :

But when Homewood was then able to check Giss’s figures against the original data from which they were derived, he found that they had been altered. Far from the new graph showing any rise, it showed temperatures in fact having declined over those 65 years by a full degree. When he did the same for the other two stations, he found the same. In each case, the original data showed not a rise but a decline. (Source: Telegraph)

Why don’t we call for the arrest of all these people who would enslave us ?



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