Ukraine Update

The Western oligarch invasion on Russia through Ukraine had been at a lull where the Russian oligarchs attempted to stop or delay the full court press against Russia (really against their ownership of Russian assets, including the people who are really just serfs to the oligarchy). The Minsk agreement was imposed by Russia on NovoRussia and it was really just an agreement between some Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs to keep the old status quo which allowed them to loot the place. Note that there was never any peace and Ukraine was shelling relentlessly as well as rearming.

The change is that the rebels who are now under Moscow’s control, after removing most of the commanders who wanted an independent state, are on the offensive. Given that the  sell out of NovoRussia in the Minsk agreement did not reduce the sanctions, it seems Moscow has decided to go on a military offensive to impose a solution. Note that they already had achieved quite a bit of what they wanted to achieve in the fall, but gave back the gains. Now they are fighting again for the same territories against a more fortified position. Given the military tempo is increasing, the chances of a miscalculation raises the stakes for a bigger war.

Note that the Western oligarchy doesn’t give a damn about the local people or human rights, democracy or self-determination or all the other hypnotic words for the naive masses. If that were the case, there would have been coup by Nazis run by jewish oligarchs, a referendum for independence would have been run in the regions of Ukraine, and there would have been a peaceful separation of Ukraine into multiple parts – as had occurred with Czechoslovakia. One should have nothing but contempt for our politicians who spew so much BS all the while pushing for war and mayhem for personal profits of the oligarchs that they serve.

This is bit of counter-propaganda, but here is a video that is pro-NovoRussia. Note that the American Nato commander is giving out medals to Ukrainians – so there should be no misconceptions about who is running the operation in Ukraine at the top.


compare that to the Ukrainian side, where the Rada is full of thugs like this :


With so many sources of information on the ground, there is no reason to read or listen to the mainstream press. Those are complete and utter  propaganda . You can get the actual news from all the sources on the ground, from third party analysts, and various interested parties that all post videos – it takes a bit more time and you have to think for yourself to generate a view, but that effort is much better than getting spoon-fed bullshit.



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