History of WWII and WWI

In some prior posts, I have hinted and provided some information showing that the history of the last century was not all that it seems. Deep Resource has been putting together a terrific synopsis that I feel I no longer need to go over the same.

His information is definitely from a Euro-centric viewpoint, but that is understandable and correct from his relative view. More importantly than some of the biases that he exhibits, is that he truly lays out the not-so hidden history of the last century if you had bothered to look a bit deeper under the endless propaganda of the winners. This is not to say that Hitler or the any other political systems were better. The important point is to understand who was the real aggressor and wanted to create the new world order.

So here are some of the relevant articles from his site :

The American Century : Understand who wanted America to rule the world taking it out of its deep isolationist roots to be the hammer for world dominion for the financial elite.

Preparing the Preemptive Strike on Germany : In the latter of the article, terrific detail and references to the plot.

Role of Poland : Used as a puppet to flame the war – then and now. Nice side story.

Risk : Putting it all together in a sweeping view.

These are terrific articles worth the time to really understand where we are today.


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