March Madness : Full Court Press Continues in Russia

With the recent murder of Nemtsov in Russia, 2 days before a long-planned independent party march, the stakes were raised high for another fake coup in Russia. The timing of the murder was perfect to recast a planned march into a emotionally charged political event.

Here is the original march, setup by Western stooges:

        Navalny believes he finds it strange that “some people say  I will go to rally against war and corruption at Chekhovskaya metro, but I won’t go to Maryino metro.”

So the march was planned and already thousands of people were organized to go – who is not against corruption and war !!! . Then, the murder and voila – it is now a memorial march !!

      The planned Vesna (“Spring”) opposition rallies will take place as scheduled outside of Moscow, but the one in the Russian capital will be replaced with a funeral march in memory of Boris Nemtsov

So everyone was going to the “Spring” March against war, is now marching to honor a man in what looks like a politically motivated assassination. Brilliant tactics to have a ready made crowd shown to the world as being mourners in an emotionally charged event – and obviously the murderer must be Putin !


Just to give you a flavor of the typical American propaganda: Note how a pre-planned march is now “outrage” and “anger” stroking the flames of regime change
and if you really want to see how they play on the emotions of the weak-mined to push their agenda :  here is the propaganda prostitute herself, who has slutted herself for countless wars… when does she get the Nobel (I always like to see who gives awards to the obvious pushers of the oligarchs’ agenda and note them as compromised (or utterly clueless) institutions – just check her list on wiki )  ?
Then, the roll out the new spokesperson. (Nemetsov was washed up, Navalny(from the first article, Ponomarev, and Khodaravsky are the anointed coup leaders…remember these names)..
You have to admire the brilliance (and deviousness) of the whole sequence of events. These propaganda techniques developed in the US has been smashingly successful and in fooling not only Americans, but pretty much the whole world for the past 50 years. But, the time of the empire comes close to an end…


Evegeny Federov has been a brilliant analyst( in spite of being a politican) of the whole coup plans since the Ukranian maidan. This 30-minute video is must see !

Propaganda Vaccine

The real vaccine you should take is against the virus of greedy, war-mongering, New World Order freaks. After you have seen dozens of these events over 30 years, they are so easy to spot even as their techniques have been refined substantially.
1. First realize – each and every major news organ in the West is run by the oligarchs and you only get what they want you to believe and take action on.
2. As such, anytime they constantly repeat a story – a clear sign of the agenda. The lie works best when repeated over and over, this is the only way you can create a shared “truth” of the event. “Of course Putin did it” and if you don’t believe you must be one of those nut-job conspiracy theorist !
3. Watch for all the emotional words. All the outrage ! When they are just reporting some minor event – they will use objective terms. So watch for the emotional manipulation.
4. Observe the sameness – when the same spin is given to an event on all news – then you realize it is a co-ordinated event. This has actually been true since the 80s, and now there is almost zero difference in the viewpoints they want to make – none – so this point is not as relevant anymore but just shows how ossified and stiff the whole propaganda machine has become. In decades past, you could get a bit of dissenting view, just enough that you thought you had a free mainstream press – though you did not – but now the homogeneity is beyond ridiculous. As institutions become rigid, they are easier to break – so this is actually foretelling their downfall.
5. With the internet, it is so easy to get a hundred other non-sanitized viewpoints. You can view other governments viewpoints, other thought-leaders, people on the ground posting facebook and twitter, etc. Watching the Syrian war through hundreds of lens has been an amazing experience for me – in a few minutes a day you could see dozens of almost real-time jihadi videos and posts, some from the regime, some from just average locals, some from the regime, analysis by observers of all types. Seriously, there are people who track bullets by the markings, guns to their precise sources, the state of Syrian army by precisely tracking every tank loss and upgrade, the external money payment to the jihadis  (plus they get paid bonus for videos of their  kills so you get every tow, knokurs, and rpg shot that hit the mark), the daily slaughter , video of city and village overruns, the multitude of foreign fighters, plus you see cargo from Libya with weapons in turkey, turkey supporting ISIS logistically, etc… Its all out there in the open in glorious detail.
This is the age of decentralized organization. Having all the information at your fingertips allows you to be your own news expert. Why would you listen to a bunch of propaganda sluts working for the oligarchs who want to loot your money, send you to wars, become richer, rule the world and enslave you as perpetual debt slaves ?

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