IMF and World Bank – Looters International

The IMF has continued the funding of Ukraine’s war breaking its own rule to not lend to an insolvent state. Last year, it gave money on the condition that the government keep its territory whole – that is to continue the war with the separatists – also against the rules to fund a state in civil war. What articles like this from Reuters don’t spell out for you is that the funding is basically another form of external meddling to inflame war. Why is our money given out and supporting policies that goes against the majorities’ wishes.

The use of the IMF and World Bank as Imperial tools of the oligarchy is well known to thoughtful observers. As with all of the other actions of the empire in its late stages, the degeneration of these institutions is allowing the masses to see their true nature. In the Asian crisis in ’97 and in Argentina in 2001, the policy recommendations were clearly meant to impoverish and allow foreign capital to buy up assets on the cheap. Here is a 15-yr old article on Argentina.

Have a look how it was truly looted in this video (a bit of commie viewpoint which is not my philosophy, but a very good at pointing out how the greed of the super wealthy destroy nations by corrupting just a few politicians – worth the 1.5 hours)

Likewise, the so-called World Bank. As pointed out in The Confessions of an Economic Hitman and many others in the decades before, the main goal of these programs is to corrupt the leadership of a country – they basically expect them to steal a chunk of the money, and in turn the project finance money is given to politically connected multinationals like Bechtel and Enron…..  there goes our money to the looters..

Finally, you only have to track the leadership to understand their nature. Paul Wolfowitz , who could aptly be called the butcher of Iraq , for his leadership role in creating the fraud and basis for the military invasion of Iraq and utterly destroying it back to the stone ages. So do you think this degenerate lowlife found Jesus and decided to do good when he was made the head of the WB :

US deputy defence secretary Paul Wolfowitz

The US president George Bush has picked the deputy defence secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, one of America’s leading neo-conservatives, to head the World Bank, it was announced today. Guardian 03/05

One wonders what mayhem and looting went on under his watch at the World Bank.

Yet most people think highly of these institutions. They are often rated even higher than the sovereigns that fund them (well that is you and me), but clearly they are viruses setup to further the looting.

The solution is not more institutions – they will also be corrupted, nor will there be any competent benevolent CEOs to run these place. Truly, only the sociopaths think they know enough to run whole economies, like the commies, all the while that they destroy it. Clearly, these top-down institutions do not serve us.


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