The Devil Rises Up on Easter

On Easter Sunday, the Orthodox Easter, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President – strange time from what many consider to be the devil ….


As expected, she has the full backing of the propaganda masters of American media :

“I don’t see any sideline sitting in Hollywood on this one,” said one prominent Southern California fundraiser. A bellwether for the industry’s enthusiasm for electing candidates could come in the coming days, when California Attorney General Kamala Harris, running for an open Senate seat after Barbara Boxer’s retirement, reports her first fund-raising totals.

“There is a lot of entertainment money coming in there,” the fundraiser said. “You will see they are in a giving mood, in a pretty serious way.”

Note that even Rand Paul and Ted Cruz (especially!) are establishment candidates out to fool the unaware. Ted Cruz is your basic neocon lackey, a false detour to the insurgent rebellion. He is playing the same role as Palin in the last election. Rand is bit more true to his voter base, but his policies are not libertarian as he claims. He will do nothing to the national security state, and thus the oligarchy will remain in power. Plus, all of them, by their nature of being politicians, cannot be trusted to act on their promises and campaign sloganeering. They sell you hope and then send you the tax bill for the looting, and the police if you resist.
Nothing to see here in this election so far — the real solution will be grass roots , rewriting how we organize as a society, not with the hierarchy.and their games of control.

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