India in the Crosshairs

(following up and editing the Percy Sledge post)

The West has been subverted; another target is India.As per Ellul, we can see a full multi-pronged attack to subvert the culture.

One recent sign is the endless rape stories, relentlessly hyped. Remember, repeated emotional stories are the hallmark of a propaganda campaign (see Propaganda Vaccine section). For example, no one mentions statistics: that rape rates in India are much lower than the US. You do not see the same level of rape stories endlessly hyped here (As McCain points out, they still exists but aimed at wealthy or educated whites in the US – other races who commit far more rapes per capita are purposely ignored). Likewise far,far less than 1% of men commit rape, but the propaganda will make the unaware think all men are rapists: just look at this headline and story:

Why Indian men rape (Anand Soondas)

The author with his precise use of language make it seem all Indian men rape. My guess is that Anand Soondas is on someone’s payroll ( I should say the Times is already on someone’s payroll!). This is how agit-prop works – take a small valid case, get a huge emotional response, and target the rage at a whole group – 99.9% of Indian men who didn’t do anything – painted rapist. A society will not last long if those beliefs are widely-held. Trust binds society. Asshole Anand who probably thinks of himself as a do-gooder is sowing distrust. Read the article again and what do you feel after reading it?

The Indian press has been taken over by the jewish owners of media (story to come), and have cranked up the cultural revolution full press – the rape hype is just one of the tools.  Here is another (note the publisher Vogue – part of the Conde Nast media empire put together by the jewish Newhouse family ) :

Her words, “Me, Me, Me “… contrast with the Percy Sledge’s song from the 60s..The failure to promote societal ties and instead promote personal hedonism is right in line with The Brave New World.  How quickly this most famous of Indian actresses went from a talented star to first-class stupid bitch used like a cheap whore by the oligarchs in their cultural war to rule the world. Let us not mince worlds. A media and propaganda total war being waged – do not be kind to those who would subvert your society.

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