The New World Order Plan

If you only read one piece of information here and there as such as the last two posts on the cultural war, it is hard to believe that such a vast project exists to subvert the culture, but if you get the same message from a hundred different sources (never it will it be in the mass media), then you might start to get it.

One of the really great messengers is Bezmenov – incidentally I first read the term “useful idiot” in a transcript .. before the internet days, you had to read snippets here and there in magazine or in books, or interviews on tv… now you get full video !

This is the condensed version explaining the neo-marxist cultural war :

US history has progressed almost exactly per his warning.  Policies such as open borders letting in tens of millions illegals make sense in light of the cultural war. He doesn’t say who the “World Communist System” is, but by now you should understand that it is the wealthy oligarchy who want to rule the world completely, which they are very close to accomplishing.

Here is longer version going into details:

Worth listening to the very end where he gives a very astute vaccine to the infection.

Really nothing more needs to be said.. we have been completely demoralized and subverted by the mass of useful idiots.

Musical Interlude

best lyrics..

Na dem-o-cr-azy be the deal
Na dem-o-cr-azy be the deal
Who don teach us ee dem-o-cr-azy?

DEMO-CRAZY (*after each line)
Crazy demo
Demonstration of craze
Crazy demonstration


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