Soros Pushes Cultural Destruction of America

The pushers of  neo-marxism are the oligarchy. One of their man tools are the massively funded tax-exempt foundations such as the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Soros – whose various Open Society foundations are involved in political subversion activities in each and every country. In the US, one of the cultural subversion policies has been open borders, esp with Mexico. Here is but one piece of evidence..if you search back over the last 30 years, you will see hundreds if not thousands of such political programs by the oligarchy, but you were probably not paying attention :

This Task Force works hand-in-hand with the George Soros-funded, open borders-promoting Migration Policy Institute, as well as the openly racist group La Raza, a Mexican nationalist organization that has called for the mass murder of white Americans and a return of the western states to Mexico . (Western Journalism)

 Why is the uber-capitalist Soros, pushing a neo-marxist agenda ? This is the hidden trick missed by the vast majority for the last 100 years. The rules do not apply to the top 0.01%. The Marxist rules are for the morons, idiots, the poor, and the useless 99.99%.  All are equal, except the pigs on the farms… Orwell and other others told us, and still in my conversations I see that the vast majority do not get it. They are happy in their slavery (hooked on their ideals of social justice, feminism, etc). The most amazing aspect is that it is very difficult for the human mind to connect the theory to the reality even when it is punching you in the face. I too was hooked for a long time, and even now am still discovering the various ways the propaganda operates which when discovered looks completely obvious !



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