Agitation Drama in Texas

Authorities say the suspects, identified as Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, drove up to the building where the contest was being held in the Dallas suburb of Garland and opened fire. An unarmed school district security guard was wounded before a Garland police officer returned fire and killed both men.(Fox News May 5)

and so we get terrorist event on home soil with promises of more terror.  Staged Terror.

Why so obvious ?  Clearly the aim of this little drama was to foster more fear of ISIS and continue the war on terror or more aptly named “police state for you” . Firstly ISIS has long been proven to be an intelligence asset – more on that in a later post – but ISIS taking responsibility means the intelligence agencies are taking responsibility.

Secondly, why would they just show up outside and pull guns when the place was heavily secured with dozens of private armed guards in addition to police ? It was completely ineffective and amateurish. However, ISIS in Syria is nothing of the sort. They conduct well-organized division level operations with combined artillery, armour, and infantary assaults that are at times defeating entrenched Syrian professional army bases. The US military could not supress ISIS in Anbar… yet do you really believe a bunch of yokels just showed up without any planning and just hoped to shoot their way in ? Any reasonable amount of planning would have resulted in a more effective operation.

Secondly Gellar who organized this anti-Islam cartoon contest has been virulently anti-Islam for years. She is well known pro-Israel and hates everything Islamic and her website is full of non-stop war on Islam – and it is easy enough to find plenty of issues. Secondly, Geert Wilders who was the guest speaker is of the same ilk from the Netherlands. Although I would agree with him on my of his policies against immigration, they play directly into the hands of the oligarchy. Whether these two are being used or going along with the drama, policies to continue a war on Islam and the police state at home both received a big boost. Both are serving to redirect dissatisfaction at home towards furthering military involvement in the Middle East.

Finally, note that Simpson has been involved with the FBI before and was more or less released with a slap on the wrist…does this seem credible ? :

Court documents show that Simpson had first been noticed by the FBI in 2006 due to his ties to a a former U.S. Navy sailor who had been arrested in Phoenix and was ultimately convicted of terrorism-related charges. In 2010, Simpson was arrested one day before he was scheduled to fly to South Africa to undertake what he claimed were religious studies at a madrassa. Recordings played at Simpson’s trial indicated that he was using his studies as an excuse to travel to Somalia to link up with militant fighters there.

Despite the more than 1,500 hours of recorded conversations, including Simpson’s discussions about fighting nonbelievers for Allah, whom he referred to as “kuffars” the government prosecuted him on only one minor charge — lying to a federal agent. He faced three years of probation and $600 in fines and court fees.

Looks and smells like an agent on the payroll they got released, with newly established “gangster” or should we say “jihadi” street cred. Almost all operations have an involved intelligence agent – if you haven’t noticed it is because you haven’t been paying attention. I often wonder why they bother to tell us so openly, when clearly they could suppress all that information. It is like they tell us and laugh that we don’t notice. However knowing that they can get away with murder, even mass murder, they have gotten so sloppy in their methods and open about their activities that it has become obvious to many in the mainstream. Hardly anyone says conspiracy theorist anymore…everyone knows it is conspiracy fact.

So another obvious manufactured terrorist plot where they got some misguided imbecile to take the bullet. This is one almost as fake as the underwear bomber..where again the agencies were just sloppy in their operation that even the passengers noticed…



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