A musical sweep of the effect of social engineering on men.

One of the first songs that expressed the confusion of men’s role in the post-modern society at that time : Alice Cooper’s I’m 18 (published in 1970):

Punk rock in all it’s glory was soon released on the world, catering to the lost men looking for meaning. One of the best live was Black Flag :

The absolute paragon of teen angst was preformed by Husker-Du, coming out of Minnessota of all places. #1 by a long shot in my book, submerse yourself in completely into the full beauty and glory of angst, but please don’t go over the edge:

The whole punk scene, which reflected the breakdown of the old societal norms, went completely mainstream with the Seattle grunge sound in 1990s. America was taken over by :

Kurt  went over the edge, committing suicide in 1994. As popular music reflects the culture , his music and suicide represented the the last death struggle of the old male society  against an increasingly totalitarian and artificial society crushing the spirit, teen or otherwise. You no longer see the rage against the machine. After 50 years of overwhelming brainwashing , supposedly the most popular singer male is :

Also a pushed creation,  the androgynous, effeminate, and submissive male of The Brave New World.

A little anti-dote if you are getting down after this post:




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