No Third Parties Allowed

UKIP a Threat ?

The UK political landscape is revealing the usual dirty tricks that keep contenders from establishing a legitimate base against the power structure. UKIP received close to 15% of the popular vote and now clearly threaten the power structure. UKIP is becoming a legitimate party. Usually, the propaganda of “hope and change” is enough to keep the sheep going from Tory to Labor back and forth. It keeps the simple-minded who can only see black and white or left and right bouncing between the two, thinking they have the freedom to choose. When sheep get disgusted with one set of lying politicians they “hope and change” for the other, ad-infinitum .

But now we see what happens if you threaten the oligarchs’ order…

UKIP used by MI5

There have been claims for many years that UKIP contained intelligence agents within its ranks and was funded by the same set of people as other parties (in an oligarchy can you expect otherwise ?)

The curious overlap of MI5-MI6 officers with the Referendum, UKIP and Tory parties, and the movement of donors between all three parties, raises questions about the manipulation of the popular vote by a nexus of powerful British interests encompassing a network of corporate elites and Whitehall officials.(The Medium )

Any modicum of organization will attract the attention of intelligence services. I have seen evidence that even small community organizations will be monitored and will describe some of my own experiences in Kalifornia in some future posts.

But now that UKIP is becoming mainstream, how to derail it ?  Start the infighting, for one.

Fight, M*F*kers, Fight

It comes after Mr Farage brushed aside the bitter infighting which has engulfed his party, describing the row as “people letting off steam” after the General Election.

Mr Farage also dismissed claims there should be a fresh leadership contest in his party, warning it would be a “massive, massive mistake”.

He added that a contest for the leadership would distract the party’s senior politicians from the looming in-out referendum on the European Union. (Sky News)

Infighting, removal of funding, having agent commit illegal actions that cause the organization to be shut-down or at least discredited, etc…. all the usual tools that one sees again and again. You are not allowed to challenge the oligarchy and in fact might even be used unwittingly.

Hopefully, you understand the intelligence agencies in all the western countries don’t work to protect you or your rights. The work for the oligarchy against your interest. Wake up, we have arrived in Zimbabwe.

Third Parties Will Be Compromised

Any and all third parties will eventually be compromised. It becomes a tougher task to fight off the onslaught of the intelligence agencies as the number of people in the organization grows. They will find ways to sabotage the goals of the party or even direct many of the goals of the party to the benefit of the oligarchy. The only real solution is a constitutional one where the oligarchs cannot control the powers of the state because we don’t give the state the powers.


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