UK Sheep vote for the Wolf and the Secrect State at Work

Tories and Cameroon won the UK Parliamentary elections. The voters in the UK are like voters everywhere, sheep going from one wolf’s mouth to another.

What did Cameroon promise before the 2010 election – a referendum on the EU which most Brits wanted :

Did he deliver ? No.

What did he promise in the 2010 election ?

David Cameron yesterday offered the voters a choice between the optimism provided by the Tories and the prospect of ruin that reelecting Gordon Brown would bring.

The first Tory leader to enter an election campaign in the lead for 23 years echoed Barack Obama in promising ‘hope and change’ as Prime Minister.(Daily Mail Apr 7 2010)

Seriously and the moron voters, whether on the left or the right keep falling for the same tricks everywhere  Like Obama, we should be wary of Mr. Cameron’s policies. Note that last year, he labeled anyone that doesn’t agree with the government’s view as extremists – typically totalitarian ploy :

David Cameron Says Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS

So now as soon as he is elected what does he push ? More thought-police legislation under the guise of anti-terrorism :

Planned measures include introducing new orders to ban extremist organizations and restrict people who seek to radicalize youngsters.

A strengthened role for Ofcom to take action against channels that broadcast extremist content (ITV May13)

Given what we know, this will quickly devolve into going after all persons who are organizing against the government. This enables full police state powers. In addition, because they go after the “channels” – they will force content providers and ISPs to block content. That means blogs like this may be banned in the future and labeled as “extremists” – you will never see these alternative views. … yes, we do live in Zimbabwe, have you realized it yet ?

Musical Interlude :

For all those that can’t stop voting Left/Right establishment parties:


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