Democrats Advocate Genocide

New World Order stooge

Hillary Clinton Goes Big On Immigration

You will often hear that America is a land of immigrants and has always welcomed immigrants. This has certainly been true in the past where all of America was slowly filled with millions of immigrants from Europe. There was land plenty. However, everyone conviently forgets that that immigration was made possible by genocide.  War and genocide against the American Indian made immigration possible.

History is easily forgotten. The history of mankind is told mostly as the history of tribes going to war with neighbors for land. The need or greed for better lands has been the root cause of countless war between peoples.

A common culture and shared beliefs are what define a people. The social engineering of the last 50 years has aimed to destroy common culture and to isolate the individual. What will remain of the common culture if mass amounts of migrants are allowed without any type of checks ? In earlier centuries in the US,  mass migrations were permitted since huge amounts of land that could be taken from the Indians who could be easily defeated by war and disease. Later, the immigration was limited, and  skills,education, or wealth were required to get a visa. In 1965 The Immigration and Nationality Act was passed after years of social-engineering propaganda, immigration was opened to all nations of the world, and almost any individual, regardless of skill or wealth,  was allowed on  family-based visa. Finally, we have today’s mass illegal immigration actively promoted.

Large parts of many border states and many urban areas throughout the USA have been turned into impoverished areas – practically 3rd world ghettos. . Why ? An invasion that would naturally be a basis for war is now touted as national policy. Why the suicide of a nation ? The aim of this immigration policy is cultural genocide. Every one knows this but is afraid to say it, a society completely conditioned by the fear of committing a thought crime – 1984 at its best.  Any public opposition to immigration is spoken in watered down references to differences in voting blocs. Even the Republican leadership had been fine with the policy to destroy the cultural underpinnings of America.  One key aim is to establish mass dependency on the government and break down the original cultural constitutional notion that people are free and independent and that government should be limited.

Another related aim of mass irrational immigration ,as with all major government programs of the last few decades,  is centralization of government control, just a few here:

1. War on Drugs

2. War on Terror

3. Global Warming

4. Common Core and Education Programming

5. Obamacare and medical system oligarchy

6. Hate crimes and Political Correctness

7. Gun control and confiscation

7. Financial and banking control (FACTA and other legislation going after “terrorists” and “tax dodgers”)

As you can see, this a long list of items that are completely at odds with the typical American mindset. Most Americans do not agree with these programs as polling shows, yet the bought and paid for politicians keep passing these laws. Americans have lost faith in the political system and have chosen not to vote rather than fight the system – everyone knows ‘Dem-all-crazy does not serve the average man. Now with the rising and organized opposition in the form of tea parties, patriot, and constitutional groups, the threatened powers are bringing in masses of foreigners who have no skills to advance in America and thus will vote as required by the oligarchy for their handouts.



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