Hastert and “Eyes Wide Shut”

It has been clear to me for a couple of decades that the oligarchy had developed a deep set of control systems to keep it’s members in line. As pointed out in Eyes Wide Shut – Kubrik’s movie of the same name brought this knowledge to the mainstream.


The sister of a former student equipment manager at the Yorkville, Ill., high school where former House speaker Dennis Hastert taught is the first person to step forward to name one of his alleged sexual abuse victims.

Hastert, 73, was charged last week in a federal indictment that alleges he agreed to pay $3.5 million to someone from Yorkville, the Illinois town where he taught and coached high school wrestling, so the person would stay quiet about “prior misconduct.” (USA Today 6/5)

When the story broke that Hastert was only being arrested for lying about the money to pay off someone, it was clear that the larger story was an being hidden – this is how many secrets are slowly leaked. His secret was not that secret obviously and my guess is the intelligence agencies plied him plenty more of what he wanted to keep him under control.

No one achieves any power in the West without being completely compromised. This is the deal: you submit to the rules which entrap you and they push you into positions of power and wealth. I will publish a series of articles to show the ubiquity and persuasiveness of this entrapment…many of the names such as Dominque Strauss Khan, former head of IMF and Elliot Spitzer, will be familiar to you, but when you see the full list – you will be shocked beyond your wits.

Hastert pushed through the Orwellian Patriot Act and other such measures during his tenure as House Chairman. Can you imagine the massive amount of other legislation that was passed that favored the oligarchy. When Americans are fed up with Congress because it does not work for them, is there any doubt because compromised individuals like Hastert pass the laws. These real life conspiracies are far more dramatic than any political drama you will see in the movies.


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