Six Million Red Pills

Tread Carefully, Questioning the “Big Truth” will put you in jail in many places in the World, but truth


You can see the full lie in these simple images.

We should understand the Soviets pushed the propaganda because they were controlled by the  jewish oligarchy and , in the US all the newspapers published the same 4 million for decades.. until the 1990s. Note that the actual number has been reduced to 1.1mm killed in total (not just jews) and many other estimates go lower than that.  Both the USSR and the West pushed this blatant lie – and we all believed it.

Six Million Holocaust

When you dig just a bit deeper, you see that the six million was was peddled for 30 years, not newly calculated after WW II !!!  Look how the money power got the Governor of NY to peddle the lie in 1919 :

Glynn’s article “The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!” was published in the October 31, 1919, issue of The American Hebrew; in it he lamented the poor conditions for European Jews after World War I. Glynn referred to these conditions as a potential “holocaust” and asserted that “six million Jewish men and women are starving across the seas”.[5][6][7] Robert N. Proctor observes that “[this] oddity has been exploited by Holocaust deniers but is simply a remarkable coincidence and nothing more.” (wikipedia)

Note how the lie peddlers will say it is only a coincidence, but then you realize the number was in dozens of articles prior to the WWI and WW II. Here is a great video showing the actual papers – without commentary – in spite of the lack of any commentary this video is banned in dozens of countries .

Why do they want to hide the facts ?

All a coincidence as the lairs claim?

No. As noted in prior articles, the Anglo-American oligarchy put in a plan to destroy Germany and Russia in order to take over the world (new world order). They nearly achieve communist (jewish) control in Germany,and actually did  so in Russia  creating the greatest murder machine in the world in the USSR – killing 60 million Christians.

Title : Leaders of the Proletariat Revolution ( all jews!)

and so we get a Holocaust movie every year and nothing about the real slaughter by the jews.Yes, the victors write history, but rarely do they tell the truth.

Why 6 million ?

Some claim that prophecy predicted that jews would return to Israel with 6 million less (or some multiple of 6) and the 6 million was chosen. This cleansing was required for the jews to return. Whether true or not, clearly the number of pushed by the Zionist for nearly 50 years until the creation of Israel. … next up: the Temple on the Mount.


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