Sarkozy Like Soros Pushes War

Sarkozy , former Premier of France and still in the game for the next election, makes outrageous statements against Syria :

 Assad is the ally today of ISIS,” he claimed while in Israel , also saying all the other items of interest to the greater jewish clan who will be funding most elections in the western world. Why do we put up with such blatant, manipulative lies ?  I hope the French kick him to the curb again in the next election.

The warmongering and the regime change push in the Middle East in nothing new to Sarkozy, who himself has a Hungarian jewish background like Soros. Like Soros and the rest, you cannot trust a word they utter. Money and Power is the game for these slimy bastards.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who spearheaded air strikes in Libya that helped topple Muammar Qaddafi, is calling for “rapid” foreign intervention in Syria to “avoid a massacre” – breaking a public silence since his political defeat in May, and pushing President François Hollande to take a more active hand as Syrian fighter jets strafe neighborhoods in Aleppo. (CsMonitor Aug 2012)

Of course, behind the curtain in all the French foreign wars is the likely intelligence agent and handler (and jew) Bernard Henri Levy.

Impostor-f0a3846df71d7e682bd5f1ab5984ab73 Source: Godfather of The Arab Spring

For a so called “writer-philosopher”, BHL has wielded enormous power over French foreign policy. With one meeting, he can completely change the course :

France was, until recently, much more conservative. “France recognises (sic) states, not parties,” senior officials said on March 9.

By March 10, it was a different story: “France recognises (sic) the Libyan Transitional National Council as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people.”

As if this wasn’t strange enough, the U-turn occurred while the French foreign minister, Alain Juppe, was away in Brussels .He apparently neither knew, nor was consulted, about the official change of heart.

Now the truth can be told – it was all Levy’s doing. After visiting Benghazi, and meeting the rebels, he went to see Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace on March 10. Asked by the Parisien newspaper for an explanation, he said: “All I can say is that I phoned him [Sarkozy] from Benghazi. I came to see him on returning, saying that the people of [the Transitional National Council] are good people.” (Source: Theweek)

BHL is the classic intelligence agent with a “celebrity” cover. Just look at his top level connections in this montage (don’t miss the video at the end with all the pies ! ) . So how does a writer meet top level officials from around the world ? Clearly he is the oligarchy’s public face to push their agenda, and when leaders don’t get the message – they get a private visit with BHL who tells them what to do. So at least in France, we can see the Sarkozy is the puppet, the public puppet master is BHL and the real masters with the tens of Billions remain hidden. All the elections, the government heads (like poor Alain Juppe), and all the false speeches are just decorations to fool the masses and to keep them distracted from the real power that rules them.

One arm of the oligarchy creates war, the other arm invites Muslims into France to destroy the cohesive French culture that can stand up to the formation of a world government run by the few. The aim of the unfettered immigration everywhere is the destruction of the nation as a concept. In France, Gaullism is completely eradicated. All that the great principles De Gaulle stood for has been swept aside in a few decades of endless propaganda – just as in America – all in the push to create the Brave New World Order.  France lives in Zimbabwe also.

Musical Interlude

Counter-Revolutionary Music

Take this you greedy bastards, you’ll never defeat the positive entropy embedded in the human soul

Je veux d’l’amour,
d’la joie,
de la bonne humeur,
ce n’est pas votre argent
qui fera mon bonheur  moi,
j’veux crever la main sur le coeur.


One thought on “Sarkozy Like Soros Pushes War

  1. Great quote: “The aim of the unfettered immigration everywhere is the destruction of the nation as a concept.”

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