Positive Entropy

One of the original aims of this blog was to discuss positive entropy, order created out nothingness, both as a concept that receives little attention as well as the basis for creating systems and societies by which we relate to each other. One aspect of the topic is spirituality , and how fundamental spiritual beliefs that drive actions that results in the communities we create.

Life is the positive entropy. Living things create order out of disorder. Science really has no explanation for it, therefore science only has 1/2 the picture of the world. The 3rd law of thermodynamics posits that a closed system tends toward disorder, but is that really true when life and conscious entities create order? I don’t want to get into the discussion of whether by creating order in one place , it might be possible that more disorder is being created in another place – thus keeping the law valid. My view is that the objective universe follows the laws that we all know about, but the other half – the subjective universe based on consciousness is massively unexplored, and that the universe may operate on a whole separate set of laws which are largely unknown to the masses.

One simple example of positive entropy is how our bodies repair wounds. Our bodies repair the injured part in what looks to be an unknown and hidden structure that that is then filled in with flesh.  What is a hole is filled in precisely with the required types of cells in just the right macro shapes. You really cannot explain it with chemistry or biology other than it happens. This is the thrust of my point – the objective universe rests on a hidden structure which really does define how we operate.

Pay No Mind

The experiences of brain-dead persons who are yet able to witness everything and in some cases, much more ,such as the actual thoughts of people around them , gives us insight into the underlying consciousness of beneath the material world. There are literally millions of people in the world who have experienced this phenomena due to trauma, and on the web you read news stories newly published nearly every week. This article from Salon goes into some detail.

NDE studies also suggest that after physical death, mind and consciousness may continue in a transcendent level of reality that normally is not accessible to our senses and awareness. Needless to say, this view is utterly incompatible with the belief of many materialists that the material world is the only reality.

If your eyes and brain are not sensing, yet you still perceive, then what is it that knows the world ? Could it be that your mind is not really the entity that is sensing everything ? In fact, could it be that the mind is a distortion machine that limits human experience ?

You can have the same out of body experience without the trauma. We have similar experiences when we dream – though not exactly based on reality. Yet, with some practice – one can experience deep lucid dreaming where experiences in space and time that can actually reflect reality. Plus who is watcher of your dreams while sleeping and the observer of your thoughts while awake ?

The paragon of this experience is based on a technology thousands of years: deep meditation. It takes years of practice and dedication, but a few are able to reach this state of consciousness. One can have these same out of “mind” experiences that massively expand “knowing” of reality. Many of the powers of spiritual masters – told in the yogic tradition lists hundreds if not thousands of such persons with millions of witnesses. The stories of Jesus follow the same line. Yet, as a society we do not pursue the other half of the universe – we do not teach these scientific practices to access higher states of consciousness to our kids in school, and instead teach them to regurgitate a lot of worthless datapoints. Even in college, it is acknowledged that the deepest questions are related to “who am I?” and “what is my place in the universe?”, but the method of teaching is through the mind rather than beyond the mind. Consciousness is subjective and those that look for objective truths will not find it. Access to deeper consciousness is truly available to all, but few desire it ardently enough to achieve it.

When you really examine your mind and it’s thoughts – you see that for every gem, your mind spews tons of worthless gibberish and untruths. The mind is fickle and will change its view. What it believes one day is not what it believes another day. One often cannot get the mind to focus and produce what one likes. What the mind believes can be quite different from the reality – all the stuff of the operas of our lives, with the mind babbling on….

“Oh he does not like me” ..( in reality the person secretly loves the person).. blah blah blah… 

“I want a donut”, but it makes me so fat” (while the person is anorexic)… blah blah blah….

Yet we believe everything the mind thinks and that they are our thoughts, even though we cannot control the thoughts fully! The mind creates the “maya” of existence and limits and distorts our perceptions so that  It creates the stage for the play of life. The mind is the the world of negative entropy and hides the world of the positive. In fact, the world may not exist per se, it could be that the mind machine creates reality like the Holodeck on Star Trek out of the substance of pure consciousness.

People of high intelligence typically take a lot of pride in their thoughts and their  accomplishments based on those thoughts. Intelligentsia of all flavors, usually professors, book writers and publishers,  love to create ideal systems based on their minds with a supposedly internally rational and  materialistic viewpoint. It is not a surprise that they tend toward communism where they will brutally wipe out millions who don’t go along with their mind-born world views – they believe their rational views are the only correct views and will remove all those who are obviously too stupid, lazy, or stubborn to go along with their plans. These people ignore the fact the universe  is far more complex and fantastic than their feeble minds can comprehend. The mind is limiting machine, not one that leads to supreme freedom. Those who yearn for real freedom – both in the material space and in the spiritual phase will do well to ignore the materialists and their small-minded drivel.


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