End of the “Liberal” Experiment and The Start of World-Wide Totalitarianism ?

The End is Near

With Greece about to default, we are entering a period where the bankruptcy of all the western nations will become obvious. This will be massively shocking to the citizens in the country, but especially to immigrants  who have come over in the last 10-20 years thinking they would be living the Western dream.  They are going to discover we live in Zimbabwe.

Listening to these immigrants, most of whom are highly educated, talk about the social situation, they are believe the wealth and relative advantage of West comes from the liberal values that they see. By liberal values, I mean the various “equality” statues, imposition of various “rights”, and the socialist nanny state.   Without understanding the historical background and transition from libertarian ideals to the neo-marxist state, they believe the liberal state in fact is the reason for America’s greatness. In reality, the capacity for today’s excesses was created by conservative values, and these liberal and some might say decadent values have come to their natural conclusion, the destruction of society. Everyone subconsciously understands that conservative values and hard work produce wealth, power, and ecomomic freedom, and that excesses of personal consumption and state power , sloth and ennui, and inefficient policies lead to the downfall of nations and empires. What is surprising is the USA, which had all the right stuff and was a beacon to the world for over a century,  was not able to build a 1000-year Reich. In fact, it looks to break apart after only 250.

The Rise of America

A quick summary.

By the turn to the 20th century, America was the powerhouse of the world in terms of economic performance, and  WWII wiped out its main competitors.  How did it do this starting from a wilderness ? Without government control. We are brainwashed today to think we need the government to produce wealth, provide for your well-being, or even our safety.


Prior to 1913, there was no Central Bank, and there was no income tax. The imposition of both by the financial oligarchy in 1913 put us clearly on the track to debt slavery as can be seen in the above chart. We do not need a central bank – it is purely an instrument of the financial oligarchy.

Likewise, prior to WWII the US did not keep a standing army as the original framers of the constitution felt that having one would lead politicians to wage war – which is exactly what happened once the oligarchy gained control over the government – they setup the military-industrial complex that needed endless wars to keep going. With an imposed income tax, everyone was made to pay for the war machine – against their will.

Likewise, none of the institutions that made America great depended on the neo-marxist ideas now being imposed. No social welfare, discrimination or equal opportunity laws, or massive social engineering of a docile population. In spite of some serious shortcomings, America became great because of the unfettered freedoms it gave to its citizens.

Soon we shall see the Western nations one by one head toward bankruptcy. It is interesting that Cyprus/Crete where the first coins may have been made was the location of the first set of bank failures that has now spread to Greece (held up with bailouts , but will soon head to depositor losses) , and then later into Italy, Portugal, and then the heart of Europe and Japan, then most likely the USA last. When that happens, the whole edifice that the oligarchy has built over the last 100 years will be questioned. At that point, people will have a choice to take back  freedom and throw off all the governmental controls or end up in deeply totalitarian state in a New World Order.

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