Sweden : The Death of a Nation and the Wheel of Karma

I have a soft spot for Sweden as I had a chance to spend a good deal of time in that lovely place and made many friendships – before the immigration waves.  This insightful video, by an immigrant himself (ignore the  headline),  highlights many of the issues that will bring down the end of Western Civilization.


We can conclude for Sweden and all of the West:

  1. Neo-Marxist policies are destroying society.
  2. Immigration is destroying the notion of a culturally and socially cohesive nation-state. It should be obvious that to achieve global government,  nationalism which seeks to keep power relatively decentralized must be eradicated.
  3. Representative Democracy doesn’t work. Politicians do not do the bidding of the voters, nor to voters actually vote for politicians that represent their interests.  The money-interests buys off all policies. Please don’t believe that the political class just happens to want mass immigration – random chance would have the majority of politicians against immigration reflecting the population — yet they are almost universally for immigration. What do you think is the mysterious force that would cause this to occur ?  Junior members of a political party that do not toe the line, in spite of enjoying mass popular support, are removed from funding and higher party leadership positions by those bought out at the top. This is openly obvious in the USA. One clearly sees that money-power only has to control a few people in our political systems to subvert the whole edifice. Why do people still believe in representative democracy ? – it is neither representative nor democratic.
  4. Irrational immigration and other policies have bankrupted these countries. I never saw a single homeless person in Sweden and now the policies are turning some of the cities into ghettos.
  5. Irrational Neo-marxist policies are turning these countries into criminal havens that protect the criminals. How in the world did Sweden turn into the rape capital of Europe and second in the World ? – and yet rational people cannot fight the criminality. The same is true in Britain  where a large sequence of rape scandals demonstrate that the authorities are paralyzed from pursuing the worst types of criminals for fear of being called racists. The same is true in the USA – where the propaganda highlights and focuses attention on white police injustice , but completely ignores that certain racial groups commit vastly larger proportions of the violent crime in America.  The propaganda has literally turned black into white in true Orwellian fashion.

Cycles of Civilization

The cycle of civilization being played out. Since childhood, I have a love of the study of historical civilizations – one of the reasons that I was attracted to Martin Armstrong’s work. He points out recently that the fall of Rome lead to irrational actions such as not bathing ( due to the association of bath houses with debaucherous practices) and not using mathematics (as that was the devil’s magic in some strange non-Jesus based Christian dogma). These types of irrational notions led to the Dark Ages.

We see that the human mind is quite irrational – it exists in the space of negative entropy. Western society is now destroying itself again. For all the accomplishments of the scientific revolution, relatively corrupt-free judicial and political systems(in the past), technological superiority, superb universities, and accumulated wealth, the video clearly shows that the West can be just as irrational and self-destructive as the most backward and dysfunctional backwater of the world. Isn’t it odd ? What could afflict these nations that were so well run to veer onto the path of complete self-destruction ?

Are we truly free from the cycles of time and freely determine our fates or do larger cyclical forces corrupt the minds of all men? Could it be that larger forces of nature determine the rise and fall of civilizations as Martin measures out in his models ? If civilizations are not self-determined – then the fate of a speck of an individual is surely not – an individual must suffer, in the average, the fate of his land – (eg. trapped in the Middle Ages, neo-marxist Sweden today, or Communist hell in the USSR or pre-Deng China) . Is it possible that astrology ,which measures in cycles of Pi the influence of planets, reflects the  powerful supernatural forces that impact the minds of men ? Are the Pagan Gods powerful after all ?

Do not the Wheels of Karma roll on and on ?  If it weren’t the moneyed oligarchy or the Zionist jews today, would it not be some other the modern day barbarians at the gate, or the Mongols who would bring the required end of the cycle ?


2 thoughts on “Sweden : The Death of a Nation and the Wheel of Karma

  1. The Christian worldview that explains the troubles of the world as being a result of people disconnecting from God, the source of every good thing, makes a lot of sense to me.

    When I consider together all of the evidence for a Christian world view, including:
    o The risen Christ appearing to more than 500 eyewitnesses and there being no other believable explanation for how Christians came to believe he rose when his body could have easily been produced to defeat that claim if he were still dead.
    o The dedication to Christ more than life by all of the apostles and millions of Christians over time.
    o The alignment with the key Christian viewpoint on Cosmology (recorded 3,000 years ago) with modern science in terms of:
    + The universe created out of nothing == the Big Bang.
    + The universe was created by a supreme intelligence == The fine tuning of the fundamental constants of physics to support advanced life.
    + The supreme intelligence cares about what happens on Earth == The fine tuning of the Earth to support advanced life.
    + The creator being involved with the creation and development of life == Origin of life with no time or primordial soup for random chance + the fossil record which shows new life forms appearing suddenly and then not changing over time.
    + People created in the image of God == The sudden appearence of modern humans that are qualitatively different / more advanced than all other life forms.
    + People are fallen, separated from God == The existence of human evil that transcends the mere selfish desires of Darwinian evolution.

    When I consider all that it seems to me the best explanation for the world we live in is provided by the Christian world-view.

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