China arm twists Russia

We see more and more evidence that China is clearly in the NWO order camp, and in the squeeze on Russia, they are playing the good cop to the bad cop Americans. Russia was part of the NWO, but then Putin threw out some of jewish oligarchs, primarily Khodorkovsky who was being groomed to be the next leader. In retaliation, a full court-press is being applied to Russia to overthrow Putin and his gang, and China is part of the pressure. We have a surprisingly clear article from Reuters (source: JT )

Why Russia’s swing toward China is a mirage

But more than a year after the two countries initiated most of their bilateral projects, there has been no significant progress, and some projects have been abandoned altogether…

Meanwhile, China and Russia have so far also been unable to agree on the price for the proposed Chinese stake in the Vankor oil and gas field.

The limited progress of Sino-Russian economic initiatives is consistent with Beijing’s broader response to the Ukraine crisis. Although China’s state-controlled media has expressed understanding for Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, and senior Chinese officials have publicly opposed the West’s sanctions against Russia, Beijing has refused to provide diplomatic support to Moscow where it matters most. The Chinese leadership has not formally recognized the annexation of Crimea. It did not vote with Russia on Ukraine-related resolutions in the U.N. Security Council and General Assembly, and it was quick to develop good relations with the new authorities in Ukraine.

We clearly see that China is squeezing Russia on the price and also not giving an support on Ukraine and Crimea. I doubt the Chinese have forgiven the Russians for their prior border wars and step by step China intends to take chunks of Siberia. We see evidence of that in another recent article :

“the Russian government has become willing to contemplate deals with China that would have been unthinkable before the sanctions.”

For example, Russia’s Transbaikal Krai is negotiating a deal with a Chinese company to rent 300,000 acres of land — an area roughly the size of the city of Los Angeles — for 49 years. It is one of 10 such areas in Siberia and the Russian Far East. 

Moreover, China clearly got the better end of the $400 billion energy deal it signed with Russia, amidst much fanfare, in May 2014.  Source( Propaganda Outlet: Radio Free Europe – which does makes me wonder)

The notion that BRICS are a cohesive political and economic force just because Goldman created the name is a joke on the public. China has been chosen as the regional leader in the NWO are they are bringing Russia and Central Asia into line with a friendly face while Soros and the neocons wage war on the Ukrainian border.  If any war broke out with Russia, Shina likely would seize parts of Siberia – stabbing the Russians in the back, or ask for it from the  Russians for their support in fake conflict with the West.  The NWO is putting the full squeeze on Russia just as they did with Germany prior to WW II. This is the nature of real politics, not the drivel you read in the mainstream propaganda outlets.


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