Varoufakis Reveals the Neo-Marxist New World Order in Play in Europe

Varoufaxis, the recently resign Minister of Finance of Greece , revels some of the inner workings of the theater playing out in Europe. We know his party has never really looked out for the people of Greece and has been trying to integrate further into Europe. His comments now reveal everone’s true intentions.

  • The Euro Summit statement of yesterday morning signaled a complete annulment of national sovereignty, without putting in its place a supra-national, pan-European, sovereign body politic. Europeans, even those who give not a damn for Greece, ought to beware.

As a hard-left politician, he clearly believe that the European Union leaders would include Greece into another EU-SSR totalitarian state. He clearly wanted the super-centralized state, and his actions in looting the Greek people while in power clearly show it. He believed it would be leftist nirvana with everyone happy melting together. He quickly found out that totalitarians play rough. The pigs on the animal farm may talk about equality, but in the end is about pure power and domination.

  • The Euro Summit statement of yesterday morning reads like a document committing to paper Greece’s Terms of Surrender. It is meant as a statement confirming that Greece acquiesces to becoming a vassal of the Eurogroup.

Shame on the Eurogroup, Syriza in Greece, and the Greek people for voting them into power. When will they realize that we live in the age of 1984, and each individual must seize back his rights to be free of the political state which preys upon him ?


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