So why does it persist ?


(hat tip: RW).

Seriously the most perfect cartoon ever about the MI complex. Buy why is no one able to do anything about it ?  Everyone quotes Eisenhower’s admonition about the MI on his way out of the presidency, yet 55 years later we as a nation are still captured by it.

Does Democracy Work ?

Clearly, emocracy does not work in producing the intentions of the people (and here). Isn’t it obvious by now that a loose oligarch has taken over the levers of power and that voting is a sham ?  Why aren’t we able to do anything ? Why do we only get politicians who do not care for our wishes and how are we so brainwashed that we keep voting for the same clowns who do not do what we voted for ?

Representative democracies don’t work because individuals cannot easily swap politicians or generate mass social movements as easily as the wealthy. We can easily see this in the various color revolutions around the world run by George Soros,whose aim in not freedom and democracy but looting of the country to the benefit of his club. People fall for the same tricks again and again because they do not desire to spend the time and effort on political issues and are brainwashed to think the political process works for them.

Don’t Give Them the Power

People not wanting to spend the time to think about political issues is really a sign that people do not want to give up that power. Nearly half the people not voting also represents the fact that people are not giving consent to a process that does not interest them, but individually they cannot overthrow the system – so they drop out.

Clearly, the only solution is to never, ever give up your power to the idiots – that is small government forever enshired in stone. An organized state has staying power because of the monopoly of power, if in addition they are allowed to tax and regulate everything, you have a recipe for totalitarian state, and we are now rapidly and openly headed towards the neo-marxist state run by the oligarchy.

The original framers of the constitution understood that a standing army was one way to loot people and gave opportunity for oligarchs to wage foreign wars for their narrow benefits. The solution is a well armed citizenry organized into very local militias and to never allow national armies. It leads to fewer wars, and substantially less spending and taxes… yet most people today will never vote for such a thing… they prefer to be slaves to the MI complex. They are amused at the cartoon, but prefer not to be free, but slaves to the system.

Will will you vote for some real change ?


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