China’s Leadership Confirms Its Place in the Oligarchical System

Xi Jinping was in Seatle recently, on his way to the UN, when he delivered a speech that confirms China is part of the New World Order laid out decades ago by Globalist Oligarchs like the Rockefellars. Introduced by the potentate and criminal of the highest order, Henry Kissinger  Lee clearly tells us , the “Communist” Party is a member of the gang :

As far as the existing international system is concerned, China has been a participant, builder and contributor. We stand firmly for the international order and system that is based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. A great number of countries, especially developing countries, want to see a more just and equitable international system, but it doesn’t mean they want to unravel the entire system or start all over again. Rather, what they want is to reform and improve the system to keep up with the times. This would serve the common interests of all countries and mankind as a whole.

BRICS is Propaganda

There will be no war with China. Xi just wants China to be elevated to a higher status in the criminal gang. He and the leadership in China do not work for the Chinese, they work for a very small clique of gangsters – much like in the US. The propaganda that you see about BRICs being a counter-weight to the US hegemony is false split – like the Democratic and Republican parties that keep the illusion that there is no oligarchy. The US is being setup for a fall so the New World Order can take its place. In the New World Order, the oligarchs will rule behind the scenes just as they do at the national scale.

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