Iran Deal or the Setup ?

Obama made a nuclear deal with the Iranians. Most Israelis and jews are against it . But then why is the Jewish President Obama, who has destroyed a number of Muslim countries at the bidding of the oligarchy , pushing for the deal and why are so many other jewish pro-Israeli  politicians for the deal – including a number of stridently pro-Israeli senators and congressmen ?

Well, once you know how to read the propaganda then you can tell the fortune with uncanny accuracy.  Here is the US News and World Report, published by the rabid Zionist Mortimer Zuckerman:

Two senators who grew up hearing stories of the Holocaust say the memories of their relatives provided strong lessons about why they should support the nuclear accord with Iran.

Well, when they really want to push something – use the Holocaust. So why the strong push ?  A lit later in the article :

Wyden said he believes the Iranians will inevitably cheat on the agreement. And, he said, even small violations should be met with a harsh response.

“When people say they want to kill you,” he said, noting that Iran has threatened America and Israel, “it’s a safe bet that you ought to take them seriously and certainly my family knows about that.”

So he is voting on the deal assuming they will cheat ? Really ! Then, he gives the kicker – a violation will be met with harsh response. He is basically saying he expects war !!!!

The media is laying out the subconscious thoughts for all those who read their crap, slowly and surely conditioning everyone that Iran will cheat even though we tried to work with them for peace. The deal will be allowed to work for a while, and at the right time you can bet that the Iranians will have been found to “cheat” — and then the war on Iran will be on.

It is clear that those in the know have put the plot into place and then they induced by one means or another a few of the Congressmen to support the plan. It took some effort but they finally got it done.

Make no mistake, Obama and the other hard-core Zionists are not making the deal with Iran for peace, they are preparing for war.


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