Scary Subject

The most scary political system to 99.5% of the people ?


99.5% never vote for true freedom. They prefer the real scary clowns of established parties, that only promise more tyranny, organized genocide,  sanctioned mass robbery, and wasteful inefficiency. Neither do the vast majority learn from past failed societies nor think a single independent thought.

Boo !      No Government.

The scariest two words ever to most people. They cannot imagine world without a coercive nanny-state that supposedly takes care of all their problems. People truly do not want to be free , neither spiritually nor in their social organization. It truly is freighting to drop all the restrictions that bind us. Much as our own restrictions bind the ego to the soul,  creating a safe box-like limit to our individual lives, we prefer the restrictions of government as it makes us feel safe in some normalcy.

Very few people take the old Boy Scout motto to Be Prepared. That is, have the confidence to take on any challenge that life can bring. We do not need a government, but can easily organize other non-coercive monopolistic structures. We do not need governments, for example, to create a whole nationwide network of hotels of all types of amenities and price points. Do you really think we need one for all the other services that most people want from government ? The usual most fearful questions are “who would defend the country ? and “who would build the roads ? ”  … I would add well no one is defending the Mexican border and in fact the government lets in millions illegally, and many roads are now being built privately as the government heads toward bankruptcy. This should give thoughtful persons some idea of how things would work without the illusory safety of  government.

So on Halloween, realize that it is our own internal fears that create bad governments. Give up some of the fears and open up into a world of positive entropy where society will create more wonderful and fantastic outputs than we can ever imagine while living in fear. You don’t have to put up with bad government and scary clowns who would rule over us like Stalin – wake up from the real nightmare.


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