Jews Push Immigration , Part II

Following up on the last post, I forgot to post the one below on Sweden and also to add a couple of more on the jews have pushing for the cultural revolution with regards to Muslims.

The first video I ran across a few years ago was a real-eye opener in how openly this so called human declares that the jews will destroy western-society  :

Of course this bitch came from Israel – which by definition of it being a JEWISH state is not multi-cultural, but in fact is one of the most racist states in the world, continuing it’s murdering of Palestinians, stealing of their land, and ethnic cleaning. Most likely,  she is part of a NGO program paid by some fat wealthy jewish billionaire to push their marxist cultural revolution, and if you complain, in true marxist fashion, you will convicted of a some type of hate crime or called a racist.

Turning the focus to America, if you want to know what is really happening you have to read the jewish pulications.

Jewish Groups Lead Push To Crack Open Doors to Syria Refugees

The challenge facing Jewish groups assisting Syrian refugees is more complex than their past missions, which involved helping refugees from the former Soviet Union or from South East Asia gain entry to the United States. Security checks have been ramped up significantly in the past decade, slowing the admissions process to a grind.(Forward)

and this :
Advocates for Syrian refugee resettlement found unexpected allies as major Jewish groups have called on President Obama to open America’s gates to 100,000 asylum seekers from the war-torn Arab nation…
“The Jewish community has more capacity to move the politicians on this issue than the Arab-American community,” (huffinton)
Seems their only concern is the poor of the world, doesn’t it ? But no one asks, why don’t these jews ask Israel to accept all the refugees or become a multi-cultural society ?   The answer is obvious, cultural revolution for the US and Europe, not for Israel and the jews.  How long will we put up with the hypocrisy and the destructive machinations of these degenerates ?

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