Syria – The New World Order Starts

Because of all the fast moving events in Syria and my lack of time due to work and family, I will try to give a quick synopsis without all the evidence I usually give -I may fill in some links over time so keep checking.

The world will much more sense once you realize that early in the 20th century the jewish financial interests along with their Anglo-Saxon partners and then lackeys were one of the biggest criminal gangs of all time and ended up taking over the world today. In that light, they used first controlled the mass media and in turn legitimized their false narrative. Orwell and other writers at the time came to understand this completely – the psychopaths had taken complete control. In that Orwelian  world, wrong would become right in the minds of men, and that distant terror would be used to control the masses through fear and the police state. He also slyly pointed out the villian in 1984: Goldstein – a jewish name. He completely laid it out bare for even the most obtuse to understand , but 80 years later the masses are completely brainwashed as he predicted and in spite of his warnings.

However, it is easy to take the red pill,  just invert the propaganda :  everything the mass media says is good – question as if it is false and everything that it says is evil – question whether the condemnation is used to manipulate or if in fact good for mankind .  Really it is that easy – since they control the media completely , mass media is a nearly  perfect contrary indicator – though many things are aligned with our own interests. With this in mind, let’s look at Syria through some quick bullet points.

  • Post 9/11, The oligarchy via Israel and it’s Golem – the US and other Western armies including NATO – set out on a path to subjugate all the nations in the middle east that weren’t under control already and/or to destroy them completely. The utter destruction of Iraq ( which was the goal – not democracy or any other bullshit in their Orwellian world) lead to unintended consequences. Though they tried to prevent it, the chaos of Iraq lead to a cohesive Iran/Shia axis against their pet project of Israel.
  • Israel/ jewish lobby wished to destroy Hezbollah after being defeated by it in 2006, and to squash the incipient ShiaState.
  • They came up with a plan to destroy Syria by reviving the old Sunni Muslim brotherhood in Syria and created the seeds of ISIS (all such movements almost all start in prison where techniques of brainwashing and mind control are used to create extremists – same with ISIS and dozens of other such terrorists in the past). They have been using criminal Muslim gangs for over 100 years, first to overthrow the Ottoman Empire, install the House of Saud, Fight the USSR in Afg., etc..
  •  I don’t believe much in the gas pipeline story – they have been trying to get Nabbuco going for years also to displace Russian gas out of the new jewish satellite state of Azerbijan also.The idea of a  pipeline from Qatar to Europe was probably used to induce Qatar to pay for the war rather than the real reason.{never forger that the Gulf countries’ rulers were placed in charge by the jewish oligarchy ! – even if they are Muslim )
  • In 2015, Assad was about to lose. His army was depleted and the monster created by the West was about to take complete control of most of Syria. This would have led to a strong base from which a large number of jihadi could go after other countries.
  • Russia afraid of another war by Chechen-led jihadis (Chechens lead the most effective battalions in Syria ) into Southern Russia (and possibly the pipeline – though Qatar has plenty of LNG exports today and has had a moratorium on more LNG for years due to the glut of LNG coming on the market).  They had to keep the jijadis out of power. They always said Assad could go – just no jihadis in power in earlier days,  but now in late 2015 they need Assad to provide the ground troops.
  • The oligarchy pulled out an old plan to create Kurdistan. Kurdistan would be the real counterweights to the Shia superstate which they accidentally created (though really it was no danger to the US – only to the oligarchy who want to rule the world like Dr. No – but in Orwellian world , they had to be made enemies).
  • Kurds are split into 3 and really 4 groups including the PKK in Turkey. They had to unite them under one group in order to create the counter-weight.
  • Barzani who leads the KDP faction is a crypto-jew. All the press treats them as saints so you know the are probably evil  – yes it helps to be childlike sometimes. They have been receiving aid from Israel since the 1960s , including military advisers. Israel runs all their media and propaganda operations !
  • Ataturk who founded modern Turkey was a crypto-jew, a Donmeh . He and the grey wolves pursued the same policies as the Bolshviks – secular governement, genocide of Christians,changing the name of Constantinople(Christian) to Istanbul ,  harsh totalitarian government, etc.  In fact, the first 50 years of the 20th century was a massive holocaust of Christians by the jewish oligarchy. (remember flip it ! – I will expand on why they allowed Hitler to kill a few riff-raff jews in another red pill post. ) This is payback from 2000 years of persecution –  a lot of pent up hate was unleashed on central european christians especially.
  • Kurds worked with the Turks to wipe out the Armenian Christians (and they also have been wiping out the Christian Assyrians) . Barzani and his gang are nasty jew-like animals who only care for money and power and are happy to commit genocide.
  • They in fact did so against their own YPD faction in Syria ! They used ISIS ,which is controlled by the oligarchy, to slaughterer the YPD at Kobani until they came under the heal of Barzani and the KDP – only then did they get massive air support and the Kurdish troops from other areas- as well as the ISIS just pulling back. The whole Kobani massacre was so that jewish Barzani could control all of the Kurds.
  • A new state of Kurdistan will be created, most likely will take a a part of Turkey as well – and possibly Iran and may run all the way to the Med. coast before this is over – so we have the potential for all sorts of dynamics.
  • The Turks have gotten Islam fever and want to create their own Empire under Ergodan – who may have driven out most of the jewish controlled politicians from power, but still works with the oligarchy on many issues.
  • The war between the Western non-religious jewish oligarchy and Russia which is controlled by a slightly more traditional jewish oligarchy( esp. Chabad – and the hit to a Chabad outpost in Bombay during India’s major terror event was probably a message from the Western jews to the Russian jews ) continues in full force. It is an intra-gang war and all us serf-citizens pay for it in blood and money – just as medieval serfs served his the king in his wars of aggrandizement.
  • The injection of Russia forced the Western oligarchy’s hand in order to save their project and they decided to go all in on the effort to destroy Syria.
  • To get the full war machine rolling, they had to create the Paris terror attacks – with the fake Syrian passport. We should see more of these attacks.
  • I will call it the NATO war machine – it will be used to setup Kurdistan and possibly to intimidate the Russian out of Syria- as they have no chance in a real war.
  • Most likely ISIS will be shrunk now that it has served its purpose in terrorizing and ethnically cleansing a large chunk of Syria and Iraq (esp. Christian areas)  – it will be replaced with the Kurdish State of Iraq and Syria –  but now everyone will think Kurds are God’s gift to the world who will pacify the area. (evil is good !) Kurds will control a large chunk of oil including probably the largest unexplored area left in the middle east.
  • The Russian oligarchy under Putin is just as evil. They know a large chunk of ISIS oil goes through Kurdistan into Turkey- through the main jew broker – Haj Fareed – who then sells the oil to Israel. Because this oil is either stolen/terrorist oil from Syria through ISIS or Iraqi oil stolen by the Kurds without agreement from the Iraqi government – no one wants to buy it because of the liability – Iraq has already threatened to sue anyone who does. Of course, the Israeli money-grubbers will take it because they control all the world’s courts and are immune from prosecution. The fact that Russia doesn’t mention The Kurd/jew connection and only mentions Turkey shows that they are part of the plot for Kurdistan. (again they co-operate with the West on many things, but also fight for their own turf and survival – just like all criminal gangs).
  • Iraq has requested UN investigation of the oil flows – just as Russia has revealed the Turkish portion. — ha! UN will do nothing against the Kurds because it is an oligarchy-created and controlled institution – Iraqis will be lucky if they are not bombed back to Stone age again by the Western genocidal puppet governments of the global ZOG.
  • The Iraqis have already declared the US and other Western nations’ incursion into it’s territory w/o Iraqi permission an invasion – they know that the West has been using ISIS and now they are on the verge of creating Kurdistan.

No foreign ground troops had been requested from any country, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday, describing such deployment as an “act of aggression.” (Al-Arabiya) Nothing like this in the news ? Syrians said the same last month.  Expect the UN to do anything ? Ha ! We live in farce of a world run by degenerates.

  • As I write, Turkey is moving troops in Iraq – though the troop preparations have been underway and noted for the last couple of weeks. They too know the story with Kurdistan and their potential loss (and they should rightly lose it – current ME borders are the old British jew story of divide and conquer so keep all the factions fighting internally – the trick is too give it up, but the jews always put the aggressive psychopaths in power). If they were smart, they would make a deal with PKK and let it go and possibly keep it from merging with Barzani’s KDP – instead they are going to lose and suffer a huge war.
  • The coalitions in the area are very loose – you cannot just say Sunni vs. Shia (Assad wife is Sunni and so is most of the his army) or Turkey vs. Kurds etc… This is what makes the situation so dynamic – anything could happen because each actor could just as easily switch loyalties depending on the issue.
  • This sets up a situation where the West,including Russia, wage war to create Kurdistan – and Turkey and ISIS will say the Crusaders are at it again
  • Into that tinderbox, if the Israeli make a play to control the Temple Mount, then there be a full blown unholy war against Muslims. In this situation, all the Middle-East nations may go against the West and be destroyed in the process. This may take a few more years to play out and we may get any of the other factions going at in the interim – Iran vs. SA for example.

    The end game looks to be the death of Islam.

  • For that to happen, the West has to be radicalized – with all the immigrants and ISIS terror attacks so that right wing fascists governments will be brought into power: Nation Front in France, UKip in UK, Trump in USA, Pediga in Germany, etc – many with intelligence agents as the heads of the parties (Geert Wilders looks to be such an agent provocateur)
  • These right-wing governments will wage war on Islam but also put in the complete domestic police state as has already occured in Paris after the events thee.The masses of sheep will submit to the state for protection against terror – but as in 1984 – it is the state itself that will commit the acts of terror by bringing in the radical elements by design.
  • New World Order Achieved or you can kick all bums out by voting libertarian and not fall into this well-laid trap.

The past I’m 99% sure about – as much as I know the oil markets – though much will be a surprise to most people. The future is speculation on my part and not what anyone can wish for the world, but seems the most likely future path unless citizens make a conscious choice to change their form of government rather being passive victims of psychopaths.






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