Kurdish Cool Kats?

This is little Kurdish skit though a little bit over-the-top and obvious can elucidate the brainwashing process.

What do you think after watching this video ? What a bunch of cool hip dudes these Kurds ! Even though they are getting slaughtered by ISIS , they can laugh. Plus the  tune is kind of catchy and makes great fun of the ISIS goat f*ckers . For the average person not paying attention – they have just been brainwashed to be pro-Kurdish.  By working on an emotional level , all the facts are ignored or overwhelmed in the mind – only the emotional response remains. In a nutshell the video exemplifies how cultural propaganda and subtle messaging takes over the unaware mind.

The Jews and KDP Kurds

What is the real story ?  MEMRI   , the producer, is an Israeli propaganda shop – run by Mossad or one of its sister organization. The video was probably created in Tel Aviv and those are probably israeli jewish kurds. They only parodied ISIS and claimed that it was the actual Kurds. If you do some research, you realize that Barzani’s Kurish KDP in Iraq has been owned by Israeli and Israel runs all its media operations :

Israel’s clandestine relationship with Kurds were officially acknowledged in 1980 by Menachim Began , (Terrorist!) prime minster at the time. He confirmed the Israelis had sent the Kurds not only humanitarian aid, but also military advisers and weapons. Even today, state-owned Israeli communications company  Bezek transmits broadcasts on behalf of the Kurdish Democratic Party in northern Iraq every evening. (IsraeliKurd, p.4-5)

In addition to the mind-blowing revelations above, we can read (in between the lines):

— Barzani is an old jewish name – thus today,  Barzanis in the KDP are probably crypto-jews (the only race that changes its name, nationality , and/or religion to hide their true identity).

Mordercai ,  the ex defense minister of Israel, was Kurdish. (and like a true degenerate was busted for sexual assault – which given his position – he probably got away with dozens of rapes before he was busted.

— Israeli probably gave up the true leader of the Kurds, Ocalan, to the Turkish authorities so that they could maneuver their own subhuman Barzani into the leadership. They do protest a bit tool loudly in the article.

— Israel has been funding the Kurdish independence movement in Iraq for 50+ years !

ISIS and KDP Kurds

ISIS and the KDP, but not the other Kurdish groups,  have a close relationship with each other.  Look at what Maliki says about ISIS taking Northern Iraq :

Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused the Kurds of being responsible for the fall of the Mosul city under the control the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), referring he possesses a document stating that the Kurds requested the Iraqi Army to withdraw and not fight ISIS in Mosul. (IraqNews )

Ever wonder why ISIS is able to defeat large government troops, but when fighting the KDP, they always seem to lose quickly ?

Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani said on Saturday  that although Islamic State have not been eradicated, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters had succeeded in defeating the group’s myth. (jew_loot_post)

Note the huge media blitz when the Yazidi’s were ethnically cleansed by ISIS (and with the Kurds looking on). Now they take it back with hardly a shot fired :

Kurdish forces said they had secured strategic facilities in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar on Friday as part of an offensive against Islamic State militants that could provide critical momentum in efforts to defeat the jihadist group….

The number of Islamic State fighters in the town had risen to nearly 600 in the run-up to the offensive, but only a handful were left in Sinjar on Friday, Brig. Gen. Seme Mala Mohammed of the Kurdish peshmerga said. (BusInsider )

PYD and KDP Kurds

What was the story with the dramatic action at Kobane ? Well, let’s look at the American (America – the jewish-run gulag) propaganda arm , the Voice of America and how they spin the PYD Kurds who want nothing to do with the degenerate jew Barzani.

The announcement by the most powerful Kurdish faction in Syria that it has declared self-rule over parts of northeastern Syria has generated angry reactions from Syrian rebels, rival Kurdish Syrian groups and Turkey.  Moreover analysts say the Kurdish faction known as the Democratic Union Party or PYD, is tainted by an association with the Assad government in Damascus, and its self-rule declaration could have a negative impact on Kurds in Iraq and Turkey…

Not all Syrian Kurds are pleased by the self-rule declaration. About 16 groups affiliated with the Kurdish National Council have rejected the PYD move. Earlier the groups signed an agreement with the SNC in September pledging cooperation.  The KNC’s patron is Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani, who this week will hold talks with Turkish leaders about an energy deal between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan.(VOA Nov132013)

In fact, the KPG maintained a embargo on the PYD (ruling self-declared Rojova) and the jew-controlled Western Press always touts the company line :

8. There is a humanitarian and economic embargo imposed on Rojava by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq, Turkey, and Islamist forces within Syria for various political reasons. In other words, people in Rojava are being collectively punished for their refusal to join a sectarian war that shows no promises of improving their situation.

9. Rojava is arguably the only region in Syria where there is not popular anti-western sentiment, yet Western politicians continue to ignore Syrian Kurds’ advances in the region and the imminent threat of jihadist forces on all minorities in Rojava.

10. Rojava is largely overlooked by international media due to allegations of separatism (as if there is a united Syria on the ground) and the PYD’s affiliation with the PKK. (Ekurd Daily May 13 2014)

Well, it didn’t long after the declaration for the oligarchy to organize the ISIS assault on the PYD – taking huge portions of PYD’s territory and nearly completely taking Kobane. Meanwhile the aid from the KPG was withheld until we guess a deal to submit to Israel was done.

The above pieces of historical documentation is just a small amount of what you can actually read about the machinations of the KDP and the jews. They are a nasty, genocidal gang who will stop at nothing to gain control of the area and the oil money. By hook or crook, they will force everyone to submit to their domination.

This whole ISIS – Kurd affair is just a big  play to deceive the rest of the world. They will soon set up a KurdJewistan where a handful of crypto-jews will run the show and the rest of the Kurds will either get slaughtered or submit.

See Through the Propaganda

With the historical background, we can see the absurdity of the video piece at the top. The same jewish elements created ISIS and the KDP Kurds so that the kurds will look the heroes when the KDP Kurdish jews rule the new KurdJewistan. Once you see a video like the above, you can easily unmask the propaganda’s objective and the techniques used against the unwary watcher. You can see the same pattern in Ukraine.


Historical Interlude


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