Partition of Syria (and Iraq) – Update

Events are moving fast:

  1. Turkey invades Iraq with a battalion and sets up camp near Mosul.
  2. Turkish attacks Kurdish PKK troops in Iraq – violating Iraq’s airspace.( So much for sacred airspace !).
  3. KRG says the Turks are welcome and invited.
  4. KRG asks Russia not to over fly Iraqi Kurdistan on the way to Russia from Southern Russia.
  5. US creating airstrip in Syrian Kurdistan
  6. “Us-coalition” most likely hit Syrian troops in eastern Syria – may have been Qatar – but it is possible the Russians made a mistake also.
  7. Gulf Countries meeting in SA , but YPD Kurds are not invited. KurdJewistan (KJ) and Turkey are also invited. (Yahoo).

Since my prediction a few days ago, I have already been proven incorrect on the Turks- which is ok because given all the possibilities. The Turks have not broken with the Israelis, the international money cartel, nor the KRG Kurds.  I had assumed they would recognize that they are being setup as the useful idiots and would lose a large chuck of their territory to KurdJewistan.

The Oil Connection

The motivation for Ergodan is the oil in KJ (Iraqi Kurdistan)- not the pie in the sky NG pipeline from Qatar people keep parroting, in fact, KRG can supply all of Turkey’s gas needs, displacing Russian gas . 

In peacetime, KJ could produce 3-4 mmbbl/d of oil with huge reserves of possibly 45Bbbl – all in an area for 4 million people !!   KJ exports about 500 kbbls/day and no longer revenue shares with Baghdad – in fact since 2003 they have completely jewed the Federal State and received $80B in oil revenues but only produced $30B in oil revenues. Never trust a jew (Barzani). Now with low oil prices stressing everyone’s budgets, KJ is not sending crude to the center and is selling it on its own to Turkey, and in turn, the center is not sending the allocated revenue to the Kurds. Low oil prices have broken the fiscal bind between the Shia and the KurdJews.

In addition, the Kurds are taking a large chunk of the ISIS oil in Iraq – how much is speculation, but it adds to their revenue. Make no mistake about it, they are transporting ISIS oil.

For Turkey, they are the middlemen and buy the oil at a huge discount – both because KJ has no other choice for export and because of the Iraqi threat to sue any buyers since the Iraqis technically still have title to the oil, not the JewKurds. Of course, the jews and Israel are the ones buying the oil on the open market since they know no one dare sue them – or they will send the American golem. Given that Ergodan’s son have been revealed to one of the main middlemen, it is clearly massively in Ergodan’s interest to buddy up to KJ. Not to mention there is always a jew middleman,  involved in Iraqi oil :

Dr Fareed is the Israeli broker and he is the one who coordinates between the mafias which own the stolen oil and three main companies who receive, buy, and transport it through the three Turkish ports of Dortyol, Jihan and Mersin. In order to ship the oil to Zionist Israel via oil tankers, the last station of Syrian Iraqi oil would have to be Ashdod.

The Players

We can now clearly make out the players and their interests. On one hand we have the ZOG with the US, UK,France, and to a lesser extent Germany as the muscle and propaganda machine.  In this instance France is even more enthusiastic because of its previous role in Syria.

In addition, we have the main Gulf countries of Qatar and SA, but the others in the region toe the line.  They serve to finance and arm their proxy armies and also to provide some of the riff-raff for their own slums and jails to go fight in Syria.

Turkey is part of the Sunni gang, like SA, both countries are pretend extremist Islamic states – in reality, they are middlemen to the machinations of their masters – just as the so-called leaders in the US are. Likewise, ISIS is the hardcore element used to ethnically clean and battle the enemies of the ZOG giving cover to the the countries actually conducting the war. Like Afghanistan, the trick is to use the most hardcode (and backward) people to do all the dirty work. The same modus operandi in Ukraine – using the hardcore (and backward) Western Ukrainian Nazis. The oligarchy uses these expendable idiots to hide their role all the while being publicly against the same terrorists.

Next, we have the Shia-dominated Iraqi government, Iran, Assad’s Syria, and Hezbollah.Note that Iran is Persian and the Iraqi Shites are Arab – a significant cultural difference.

Russia is currently supporting them directly,  but not because of any great love of these countries but for it’s own survival against the ISIS hordes that the ZOG would send into Russia if they won in Syria. Russia could have intervened much earlier – but chose to wait until the last minute. The Russians have a weak hand and the interjection of their own troops is a sign of weakness, not strength.

The YPD and the PKK in Turkey are viewed neutrally and as partners by Russia in the war on ISIS. Though Sunni,  their leftist-libertarian bent prevents them for  becoming subservient to the ZOG. The Sunni gangs which serves Israel is attacking and attempting to kill off the PYD, excluding them their support, or attempting to force them into the fold. The KPG is still trying to find a way to take over the PYD so that they can create their Greater Kurdistan.

So the war is not really Shia-Sunni  war – it is the long tentacles of global oligarchy wanting to control more oil and nations, destroying those in opposition one and for all – which currently happen to be Russia,the Shia counties, and the YPD.

On the side, we have many other countries that could get involved if it becomes more serious. We have Azerbijan which is also Shia, but is on the side of the ZOG – how they were able to get it to submit very soon after the USSR breakup is still a research topic for me. They too are planing to export some gas into Turkey and Europe.

The Partition

Iraq is effectively partioned . JewKurdistan has clearly broken away and the Western golems and Turkey are giving them full support. Borders no longer matter – everyone is openly taking what they can by force. The center government is Shia and remains to be seen if they can convince Sunnis to remain in the government structure. It could be the Sunnis – outside of ISIS – also break out and the Turks are there to facilitate.

Syria is partitioned into 3.  – Regime, ISIS (and Nusra) , and the YPD held areas. The remaining non-affiliated groups will get mopped up. There are no moderates – they have all been killed off or absorbed by the 3.

It is not likely that Iraq or Syria will be put back together again. All the actions taken by all the players have now risen to the stage where they are all provocations. No one wants to blink and we are careening towards a large war,  where like WWI anything can happen because of the myriad of fluid coalitions and soft binds.

Turkey looks to be in a difficult spot having made an enemy out of Russia just as Russia is finding it’s identity again as christian nation. There is also the danger that JewKurdistan will be given the green light to take over the PKK’s portion in Turkey either through conflict or in a resolution to the conflict.




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