The KPG Kurds are an Israeli client state. I found more evidence recently :

Khaled Salih, a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, says: “These are not new allegations for us. Back in the sixties and seventies we were called ‘the second Israel’ in the region and we were supposed to be eliminated by Islamist nationalist and now Islamist groups. (BBC 2006)

The KPG are complete bastards – hated by all the other Kurdish groups (PKK, YPG, PUK, WPK, Gorran) – and corrupt. (Independent) . What Barzani could not do by force, ISIS did for him – gain control of Kirkuk and the oil fields.

Likewise, they were able to ethnically cleanse the Yazhidi out of the area between Iraq and Syrian Kurdistan.

Middle East Religious Composition MapPurple area between Syria and Iraq are Yazidis. (source unknown)

Khairy Bozani told Shafer News, that the number of Yazidis in Iraq is 500,000 people, and the number of people displaced by the invasion of ISIS is 400,000 displaced people (Iraq Daily Journal)

The Yazidi beleive the KDP Peshmerga who were supposedly protecting the area, melted away before ISIS attacked. Because of this supposed betrayal, the Yazidis now have to live under the people who originally did not protect them, and then miraculously were able to take back the town.

On the the day of Sinjar’s liberation, Mr Barzani said the city had been freed by “the blood of the peshmerga and became part of Kurdistan”.In an area contested by a concoction of communities and militias, his rhetoric was not well-received by everyone.“The Yazidis don’t trust the peshmerga and the peshmerga don’t trust the Yazidis,” said a Yazidi tribal leader.“Sinjar cannot be a place of coexistence again,” he added. (Telegraph)

All the normal practice in KurdJewistan- don’t believe the propaganda when you see it on CNN about the Kurds (usually they mean the KDP who run the Iraqi side, but the YPG who run the Syrian side are completely opposed to them).





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