Baby Steps to The Break Up of America

Step by step, people are waking up to the totalitarian state run by the oligarchy in the USA. We do live in Zimbabwe. My belief is that the USA will break-up , maybe 20 years down the road. Here are some really brave souls who are fighting the oppression of the State.


The short story is the Feds wanted land from local ranchers and over the years they used many types of tactics to get ranchers to give up their land to them. One family were the last holdouts, and rather than pay them off , they used the full tyrannical powers of the State. These land issues are an echo of the “sagebrush wars” of the 1980s.

I do not believe it was a conspiracy by the Feds from the start, but when an entity has complete power and no checks you tend to use it and in this case, I believe the Federal government though all its agencies kept pushing to the end, and now people are finally fed up with the coercion of the state.

Originally, I was not for these people or their methods when they took over some buildings in a wild life refugee. I still think it was not a good idea tactically, but this video shows their true intent :

Megan’s original aim in grilling him using the script given by her jewish-owned producer is to cast him as a crazy gun-totting nut. But, his polite and steady answers slowly win her over. You can see her go through a dissonance stage and then final melt – then the producer cuts it off – Bundy is too sympathetic to allow more airtime – the sheep might  take his side !

His main point – the Federal government acts unconstitutionally (the constitution was thrown out 150 years ago anyway) , all the players, the courts, the prosecutors, the supreme court – everyone is the Federal government ! Yes indeed, one partial definition of a totalitarism is a state that has nearly limitless power. In the US, they can tax you 99%, regulate every behavior to the most minor detail, declare it legal in the highest courts (the old nazis gassed the jews and it was all legal !) , and you may have no recourse.  Surely, you recognize that we do live in 1984.

This is the natural consequence of giving the state vast and substantial power and then concentrating it in only a few entities. I salute these rebels for at least being on point with their protest.


The original stand up to the US terrorist Federal paramilitary army was in Nevada, where militias from around the country prevented the government from seizing land.

Who looked more scary, who was the terrorists – the ranchers or the platoon of heavily armed thugs ?


Activists arm themselves and feed the homeless in defiance of the city of Dallas. Police do nothing as they are armed. Governments across the country have gone to extremes with useless laws since there is no check against their reach. Men with guns prevent the coerision of the state.


Democracy does not work. Our government does not represent us. We have reached the point in America where the next stage will be a reset of the foundations of the state.

(source: unknown)

Why the oligarchy wants to remove guns:

I hope it does not get to a violent resolution in America. I would prefer that some states secede peaceful. If you don’t think it will happen, just realize – people are arming themselves against the state just to feed the homeless !  The process of revolution is well on its way.


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